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  1. Parking with a bike cover in permit neighborhoods??

    Riders and the Law
    Anyone know the laws in California (Los Angeles) about using a motorcycle cover in permit parking neighborhoods? I live in a permit neighborhood and they are quick to ticket...the day I bought a new bike they ticketed me for no permit parking sticker...didn't even have plates yet. If I use a...
  2. Bike Security & Parking in NYC

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hi all, I am going to be bringing home my 1991 Honda Nighthawk CB250 tomorrow to my neighborhood in Spanish Harlem, Manhattan. I have some concerns around parking and bike security. Alternate side parking: I am a bit confused by the alternate side parking...obviously I understand that I will...
  3. Ideas on how to park bike on 25 degree incline

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    The neighbors keep calling on my bike for being on the sidewalk.. No garage, needs to be near the house so I can plug it in. Here's my question. I built a wooden ramp 2 1/2 feet wide up my stairway so I can park my 300 pound bike on it. It's a 25 degree incline with sandpaper- like grip tape...
  4. License plate fastening: Getting creative

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    I velcro my license plate to its holder and remove it anytime I'm not riding the bike. As a NYCer it's a matter of survival. People steal plates and/or the city of NYC love to write up tickets. I already gave to that charity: once. I'm all paid up. No mas thank you verymuch (and parking...
  5. Pay-and-Display parking

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Just curious what others do at Pay-and-Display parking - the ones where you pay for a ticket then put it "on your dash". Seems to me that the ticket is basically worth face value to some random driver arriving 5 minutes later, so leaving an all-day ticket on your seat is like leaving a $20...
  6. parking and un-parking on tip-toe

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hello all, I am a new member to this community. Just got a 2008 Suzuki GS500F on Wednesday and dropped it once on Wednesday:( and twice on Thursday morning:o and I hated myself for that :(. All these drops happened in my apartment parking lot. My apartment is on an uphill and my parking lot is...