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  1. How to convince my parents to get me a 125 Motorcycle

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Preamble: I'm new to this Forum, so please forgive me if I put this in the wrong section/thread. Hi, I'm a 16 years old male from Italy, I will be 17 soon and I really, really, really like motorcycles since around 8. As I am a minor, I still live with my parents. It's been since I were 14 that...
  2. New Rider Struggling with Parental support.

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hey guys, just joined this forum to ask a question that's been floating around my head for quite some time. I'm 16, almost 17 and I have been riding a 50cc moped for about 2 years. My parents are 100% anti motorcycle. I've been told that if I buy one while either one of them are alive, they'd...
  3. Parent Problems

    First Bike / New Rider
    I'm 15 and am looking at getting a motorcycle in a few months. In California, you can get your m1 when you are 15 1/2. I have been learning to ride dirt bikes for the past few years at my buddy house. Long story short, I know how to ride a motorcycle and would like to get one. My pap's had many...
  4. Parents and Bikes.

    Sport Bike As First Bike
    So over the past two years I've had my eye own the motorcycle world. I want a bike. And I really don't want to wait til Im all the way independent from my parents. Im 16. Im top 20 in my class. And I consider myself reponsible. However my parents will not allow me to own a motorcycle. I will pay...
  5. 16 bought a bike how do i get mom and dad to like the idea

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    hey im 16 and i just bought a kawasaki 550 ltd off my girlfriends brother for 300 he gave me a good deal he was going to sell it to someone else for 800 .. it has new sprockets new tires new clutch etc.... all it needs is a new igniter. .......anyways my only problem is that is at my gf's house...