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  1. Here From Oregon

    New Member Introduction
    Hi guys. Just joined. I live in the Portland area in Oregon and ride a CBR. The weather is starting to turn, but I’m still riding. I’ve logged about 13k miles this year including a trip down to SoCal. I also have a YT channel I just started, showing my rides, and adventures. There’s also some...
  2. Hells Canyon Motorcycle Rally

    Videography Showcase
    This last weekend I was fortunate enough to attend a really great rally in my area. It's called the Hells Canyon Rally and was a great time. Here is the video I made of the trip:
  3. Video from my trip to Bend Oregon

    Videography Showcase
    I am working on promoting a hobby that I love, I have an amature travel show for you all to enjoy. Cheers You can find out more at
  4. Corvallis, OR

    Riding Companions Wanted
    There are a group of people in the Corvallis/Albany area that like to get together and ride.
  5. Helmet Law Alert: Oregon - Saturday 9/27/2008

    Northwestern USA
    Want to end the helmet law? Here's your chance. This is the most efficient and effective way to win: by defeating biker-hating legislators in tight races. One day of campaign sign blitzing is all it takes to tip an election our way. We're getting together to help a biker-friendly State...