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  1. Yam' '76 80cc with annoying fuel suply problem

    Motorcycle Repair
    Thanks for reading!:) I just bought a Yamaha Enduro, 1976 80cc 2-stroke, that seems to have been maintained by a super clumsy dood. All the screws are stripped so I want to know exactly what the problem is before pulling it apart more. Here's what I know: The spark is fine, and so is the...
  2. tigett in the NW

    New Member Introductions
    34 yr Male, married w/ 2 daughters (5yrs and 8mo). I just started riding spring 2007 as a mid-life crisis hobby. I bought a 98 vulcan 500, that I had to have delivered home becuase I didnt know how to ride yet, ha. Now 2000 riding miles and a year and a half later I'm tearing apart a perfectly...