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  1. New to the forum with a major flooding issue

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Hi, I'm Ruchir and my ride is a TVS Apache RTR 160 4v, I've been riding this motorcycle for a year but am experienced in riding since the last 7 years. I know a 160cc may not sound like alot but here in India where people usually ride in shorts and flip-flops it's plenty power as 150cc to 200cc...
  2. Are Valve Seals Sitting in Oil Bad?

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hello all, I am continuing the rebuild of my 1985 Honda Nighthawk 700SC and have reached the point of replacing the valve seals. I went to the Honda dealer to have them replace it for me (which they said the could). I ordered my own valve seals and placed them in a small bag of oil over night...
  3. Advice on Fork Oil?

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hey all, I am completing some maintenance to my 1975 Honda CB125S to get it road ready. While I had the forks off to replace the rubber gators, I lost some of the fluid when my dog decided to check in on what I was doing and knocked them over. Question #1 : Do you have to have Fork Oil? Or...
  4. 07 K1200GT Oil Sensor

    Motorcycle Repair
    Anybody have experience with the oil level sensor? I've checked the oil level according the the manual and it is always at normal levels but the on-board computer constantly indicates an issue with the level. Thank you, Tim
  5. honda cb750 won't start

    Motorcycle Repair
    I'm new and have a 1992 Honda CB750 (nighthawk) with 11,000 miles on it that I can't get to start. Earlier today it started but the engine wasn't running smoothly and it stalled unless I had the choke up. I gave it an oil change with a new filter and it immediately started and ran smoothly on...
  6. i need help with my old bike....

    Motorcycle Repair
    if you could give me some advice on my bike that would be much appreciated. i have an old suzuki and it ran fine at the end of last season. (i bought it used from a dude in the middle of last season and rode it the rest of the season)... but it had bad tires and i kinda rode it until i did not...
  7. There's alot of fuel additives out there.

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    I went to the store today to pick up a fuel stabilizer for the winter, and came across several different fuel or oil additives that claim to prolong the life of your engine. You know, "cleans your motor from the inside out." I don't want to throw something in my bike that will harm my...
  8. 1978 Honda CB400TII Oil Drain Broke

    Motorcycle Repair
    I went to do an oil change on a bike I just bought that had not been fixed up or serviced for a while so the oil drain bolt was very stuck. I decided that maybe tapping on the wrench a few times with a rubber mallet might free it a little, and while it did free it, it also broke off part of the...
  9. What type of Oil

    Cruiser Forum
    So I have a 07 V star 1300 with 25k miles on it and I live in vegas, in the summer it gets in the 110 range and 30 in the Winter. What kind of oil should I use, I'm not too concerned with brands, I'm thinking amisol or Yamalube (not sure yet, but I've heard good things). But what about grade? My...
  10. 1967 Kawasaki C2SS leaks and blows oil out of exhaust pipe

    Vintage Forum
    We had the motor redone on this bike and the guy said that he made it so more oil would go into the engine then it needed so it wouldn't seize on us. Ever since my dad got this bike in 1980 it has leaked oil. It leaks where the pipe from the engine goes into the extension pipe, and on the bottom...
  11. why use factory oil?

    How To
    Whats the diff between factory oil and regular car oil?I have a Kaw Vulcan classic 800.;)
  12. Throttle control problem and oil question for 1981 GL500

    I just recently bought a GL500 and have been fixing it up. It is almost ready to go, but there are a few remaining problems. First, whenever you roll on the throttle, the grip does not spring back as it should. I don't want to start riding it if the throttle could potentially stay at a high...
  13. TS185 leaking oil from drive sprocket

    Motorcycle Repair
    My 1973 Suzuki TS185 is leaking transmission oil from the front drive sprocket area and i was wondering if there is some kind of seal that goes behind it that could be bad or if the TS185's have some kind of auto-chain-luber which would explain it. its not a big deal because it only drips when...
  14. What oil should i use for top performance?

    Motorcycle Repair
    Im going to change the oil in my 1975 suzuki TS185 and was wondering what kind of transmission oil is best to use. The tranny is a wet sump system. Also what type of 2-stroke oil should i put in the oil injector? the bike is a 183cc 2-stroke enduro with a 5-speed manual wet tranny. its got an...
  15. Bob for Yamalube

    New Member Introductions
    Just joined the forum. Longtime motorcycle rider and powersports marketing guy for Yamaha, Indian, and Kawasaki. Now representing Yamalube products.
  16. Oil in My Air Filter

    Hey everybody, I ride an 84 honda vt500ft ascot. I went to clean my air filter today and noticed that some motor oil is getting into the air box. Is this just from my overfilling the engine? Anyone have some explanations as to why this might be happening? Everything else runs fine. joey
  17. Shift Shaft Seal

    Motorcycle Repair
    I put a new stator in my Sabre (VT1100C2). Everything went well, except nobody tells you that prying the engine cover over the shift shaft seal is a little more than just pulling the cover off. This, I think is the experience part that's not added to the Clymer/Chilton ,which is why these forums...
  18. oil indicator ion suzuki blvd m50

    First Bike / New Rider
    hello , i jut purchased a m50 2005 with 1900 miles n it , when i put the key in and the oil indicator icon and a little red light come up , ones i turn the the bike on it all goes away , is that normal or do i need to get it looked at. thank you .
  19. '86 Kawasaki KZ305b Head Gasket

    Motorcycle Repair
    I made the mistake of telling a friend that his first motorcycle was in great shape and that he should purchase it. I have since learned to keep my mouth shut as now I have to fix something that crept up during his first week of riding. The head gasket of this fine motorcycle has started to...
  20. 75 CB360T cylinder issues

    Hey there - I've got a 75 CB360T with one cylinder intermittently not firing (I think). I was riding home from work yesterday when the left side of the bike next to my leg stopped vibrating altogether (presumably the cylinder not firing). When I got home, there was oil accumulated on the air...