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  1. 🔧 Motorcycle Repair 🔧
    Hello all this year i bought my first motorcycle @ 7500 og miles on it. i bought it from a nice guy who happened to be an ex mechanic. it was in great, running condition a few months ago. i put about 500 miles on it this year so far, but for the past few weeks ive been running into issues. when...
  2. 🔧 Motorcycle Repair 🔧
    I bought an 85 Honda Nighthawk cb450 the other day. Most of the bike seems to be good but there's a very odd issue with the tail light. With the ignition in the Run position the headlight works but the tail light is out. If I apply either brake then the tail and brake light bulbs light up. If...
  3. 🏍 General Motorcycle Discussion 🏍
    hello, i have a 1973 honda sl 125 that runs great, however when i turn the headlight on, it stops charging and the battery eventually goes dead, without the headlight on it charges fine. i just out a new regulator/rectifier on it. any advice would help considerably. thanks!
1-3 of 3 Results