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  1. What is this horrible noise??

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hello all, I have completed my rebuild of my Nighthawk 700s, at least I thought. Whenever it fires up and runs it makes this horrible noise, almost like the timing chain is scraping against something or is loose and is flying out and hitting something. However I took the chain tensioner out...
  2. Yamaha YS 125 exhaust?

    New Member Introductions
    So i really want to change my whole exhaust system on my Yamaha YS 125 2017 mod, but i cant seem to find any manufacturers that make exhausts for my bike, so i was wondering if anyone know of something similar that would fit my bike. Thanks in advance!
  3. Come with me on my journey

    Motorcycle Repair
    Excessive knocking on my 2008 Suzuki C50. Sounds like valves or chains. While on the throttle in low RPM (gear slightly under load) the bike will dip in power (almost like backfiring). Medium to hard throttle, no issues at all. ...So new fuel, 2 valve adjustments, oil, plugs, you name it - no...
  4. Brand new Chain is loose and tight in different spots!

    Motorcycle Repair
    I just changed out my chain and both sprockets because I noticed that it was tight and loose in different spots so someone told me to change out the chain and sprockets but it still has the same issue. I also noticed that even though the back sprocket is tight onto the wheel, that it wobbles...
  5. Noisy Clutch Cable? - '81 Suzuki GS1000GL

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hey, everyone. I have another problem, unfortunately. Well, I have had it for the last month, but am only addressing it now because I am sick of it. For reasons unknown to me, there seems to be a high pitched noise coming from the clutch cable near the speedometer. This usually only happens when...
  6. Cbr600 engine noise!!!

    Motorcycle Repair
    I was driving my bike all day yesterday and it ran great. The next day i started it up and i hear a slap noise coming from the engine. I check the oil and i was low so i went down to the store and got a new filter and oil. when i was done with everything i started it back up and it did the same...
  7. 1995 Honda CBR 600 F3 Vibrating/Rattling at 7,000RPM

    Motorcycle Repair
    I Recently bought a 1995 Honda CBR 600 F3 with 55,000 miles on it and after oil change, coolant change, and spark plug change I noticed that starting at 6,000RPM I hear a rattling/vibration sound that sounds like keys vibrating or a loose washer rattling around the front around the instrument...
  8. Clanking noise when not accelerating

    Motorcycle Repair
    I have a 1981 Kawasaki KZ550, and it started making a noise recently. When I'm at anything other than a low speed, and I let off the throttle or pull the clutch in, I hear a clanking noise coming from the engine. It's hard to explain the actual noise, but it sounds like it is coming from the...
  9. Strange Noise

    Motorcycle Repair
    I just changed the oil on my 1985 Yamaha Maxim. Now when I start it there is a strange noise. (Note: I drained the oil and tried to get the oil filter off but broke the cheap socket I had and decided to just fill it back up with the old filter, which shouldn't be that dirty. It sat empty for...
  10. so new that I'm not sure of what noises are normal

    First Bike / New Rider
    I just bought a 96 magna 750 that, from the outside, looks really really clean. I'm pretty much self taught on how to ride. Bought the bike, had the guy drive it 20 minutes to my house, and the next day, got on and went through trial and error. The worst that I had was stalling out because...