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no spark

  1. Cb650sc No Spark Issue

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hello, I am new to these forms, I been reading them for a while now trying to find the solution to my problem. I bought a pile of parts from a guy that stripped down his motorcycle planning to do a cafe racer build. He sold it to me for 50 and I used this as my COVID-19 time passer over the...
  2. 03 YZF600r wont start/has no spark

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi everybody, I Recently bought a 2003 yzf600r. The bike was not running when i bought it the owner before said the bike was having charging problems so he replaced the stator and rectifier and now the bike wont turn over. Everything else electrically works fuel pump, lights etc. when i push the...
  3. 1980 Suzuki gs550 NO SPARK

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi I'm new to this forum but I thought it would be a good way to get some opinions on my problem. I recently bought a 1980 gs550 for $250. Right now I'm in the process of painting and cleaning it up. But a bigger issue is the fact that it won't start. First of all the start button does not turn...
  4. Need help big time. No spark rf600r

    hello all. im new hear and looking for some help. i have recently bought a off road quad with a suzuki rf600r engine fitted. 1993-4 the loom is a complete mess caused by the last owner bodging it in the frame. the loom is completely un-useable but i have all boxs and components in good...
  5. No Spark - CDI Ignitor

    I tried to start bike (Yamama V Star XVS 650 Classic California model) but could not. Determined that there was no spark. Checked Ignition Coils. Rear coil howed a higher resistence than the range specified. I replaced, but still no spark. I cleaned connections and used grease for...
  6. '74 Honda XL250 electrical issues

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hey all, the cap for my run switch is gone. It has the contacts necessary to make the bike run, and I can't find a GOOD replacement for it. I tried picking up the entire right hand switch assembly at a junkyard, but the wiring is all different, and the run switch cap on the "new" assembly broke...
  7. Honda CX500

    Hey guys I just came across what looks to be a great local deal. A Honda CX500 with 60,000 Kilometers on it. The owner is selling the bike for 250$ and the only thing that is wrong with it is it has Minor electrical problems. It Does not have spark. That seems to be the only problem with it, I`m...
  8. 1980 honda cm400a no spark

    i dont know what to do ive tested everything my rectifier failed one of 3 tests my stator failed 1 of 4 tests and im not sure if my cdi is bad but my coil tested good do u know anything to try i did put another stator and another rectifier but all four of these registered 0 ohms on my meter this...
  9. oil in alternator - is this OK?

    Motorcycle Repair
    I have a 1979 Honda XL125S trailbike that I can't get a spark with. I'm a very amateur mechanic. I'm pretty confident that the CDI and coil are OK and so am now looking to the pick up and alternator. I've found engine oil in the alternator area when I removed the left crankcase cover. Is this...