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  1. 🏍 General Motorcycle Discussion 🏍
    Thoughts on the Kawasaki ninja ZX1000R? Thinking about buying one for $400 that needs a gas tank and ignition switch. Also, does anyone know the tire sizes on them?
  2. πŸ”§ Motorcycle Repair πŸ”§
    I have a problem with my bike a Kawasaki Z250 2013/2014 model. A few days ago I was riding and out of nowhere the speedometer shuts off and on again a couple of times and not long after that, the bike shuts off completely. I tried turning the keys a couple of times it's still doesn't turn on, I...
  3. Building, Restoration & Modification
    Hi, I have a 2016 Kawasaki Ninja Ex650 ABS and I've been trying to know what would be the brightest bulb that would fit for my motorcycle. I really have no idea what type of bulbs fits... Can someone help me pls? Thank you
  4. πŸ”§ Motorcycle Repair πŸ”§
    How's it going everyone! I purchased a used 2017 Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R with 6,500 miles earlier this year. Before riding, I took it to a very upscale and reputable Kawasaki dealer for maintenance. I asked that they check the fluids, do an oil change, put new tires on, etc. I got it back and...
  5. Parts Needed
    Hello! What chain would you recommend for stock 14/42 sprockets? I understand the chain size is 520-106 links but there are so many different kinds out there I'm lost... Kawasaki threads from 6 years ago had people recommending the D.I.D. 520VX2 X-Ring Gold Chain, but from the time of their...
  6. Building, Restoration & Modification
    Hello! My new bike is a mess and I'm hoping to clean her up with your wise advice, going to have to resell thanks to California's new Corona lockdown; I'm broke. This is a 2014 Kawasaki Ninja 300 ABS SE. Bike has been dropped by previous owner on a track at least twice. Fairings have been...
  7. πŸ”§ Motorcycle Repair πŸ”§
    Hello! 2014 Kawasaki Ninja 300 ABS, when accelerating everything is smooth and sounds sexy. No issues when flooring it. When holding a steady speed the engine sounds like brrrnrnrnrnrnnrnrnrrnrnrnr, like the throttle quickly kicking on and off, rather than a nice constant brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...
  8. Sportsbike Forum
    Hey there, I just recently bought a 2009 Ninja 250r. I noticed when purchasing it that the previous owner had used some sort of "instant gasket" silicone like glue substance (idk what the correct term is) in replace of the gasket of the clutch cover. And as a result theres a small oil leak. I...
  9. 🏍 General Motorcycle Discussion 🏍
    I went to look at this ninja 400, and when looking at the back of it the rear wheel is both crooked and not centered under the body. what could be the problem with it? Do you think it is something serious or just something having to do with spacers or something? I am new to riding and I am...
  10. πŸ”§ Motorcycle Repair πŸ”§
    Hi All, I'm 16, building a Ninja 250 shifter kart, I've hooked up the wiring, all original loom, no aftermarket accessories and the engine turns over, fires once, then blows the main 30A fuse, this has happened two or three times now... Any help would be hugely appreciated!
  11. Kawasaki
    Does the 2009 Kawasaki Ninja 250 have a fuel pump, or is it gravity fed?
  12. 🏍 General Motorcycle Discussion 🏍
    wow..just listen to this! Though the engine is only 250cc it screams like a mini F1 car! damn....? Source: Screaming Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R Hits the Dyno!
  13. Motorcycle News Articles
    Kawasaki just showed off their ZX-25R racer custom model and announced about their one-make race series starting next year! Source : Kawasaki Shows off Ninja ZX-25R Racer Custom Model
  14. 🏍 General Motorcycle Discussion 🏍
    I'm looking at these two bikes they are only $100 difference and both in really good shape for the years.. obviously I know the 929 is gonna be faster but my question is which one will be more comfortable because I'm riding one of them 5 hours home the day I buy it.. as well as any other factors...
  15. πŸ”§ Motorcycle Repair πŸ”§
    Hi all, Quite new to motorcycle maintenance here - recently I left my 2004 Ninja 250 sitting for a few months. It was running a bit rough when I returned to it so I pulled the carb and use carb cleaner and some wire to clean the main and pilot jet. This is a procedure that I've completed...
  16. First Bike / New Rider
    hey guys, im looking for my first bike and so i would come to the experts obviously. But im only 22 and i have a decent job but I cant exactly afford to shell out 10k for a new bike. Im a big BIG fan of Harleys but honestly my riding experience is riding a dirt bike for an hour when i was 17...
  17. For Sale - WTS
    I am new to this site because it seems that is down. I have a 93 ZX6E with the front fairing/RAM air system and the side fairings from the 98 ZX6R. the aftermarket fairings are fiberglass. Vance and Hines SS2R exhaust. aftermarket lights(except rear turn signals). KOSO gauge(needs...
  18. πŸ”§ Motorcycle Repair πŸ”§
    Hi guys, So I have a 2004 Kawasaki Ninja 250. I bought it from some guy who basically had the bike sitting for several years. After a little fixing up the bike was running well. Until I went for a ride and it kept dying every time I was at a stop light. Basically "starving for gas" was how my...
1-18 of 55 Results