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ninja 250r

  1. looking for my first bike

    First Bike / New Rider
    ive been looking at the ninja 250r 2008 model and up. also ive been checking out honda cbr 250's. i want to start on a 250 being that im a beginner and eventually i want to go bigger but for now im looking for 250's. so if you know of any other 250 bikes that are nice please recommend them id...
  2. First Bike - 2010 Ninja 250R

    First Bike / New Rider
    I found a used 2010 Ninja 250R with 3,200 miles on it. The dealer is asking $3,899 for it. Is that a fair price? or should I ask $3,400?
  3. Salvage Title?

    First Bike / New Rider
    I want to buy a used 2007 ninja250 for 1600 but it has a salvage title. How much does it cost to register a salvage? Is it worth it to invest in this bike? Thanks
  4. How intelligent would this be?

    First Bike / New Rider
    I have spent several hours riding my bike (08 Ninja 250r) around my neighborhood and have felt very comfortable with it from the start. My neighborhood is a large apartment complex with curves, intersections, large hills, parking spaces, etc. I have done very well with the 5-30mph speeds that I...
  5. My plan for beginning riding

    First Bike / New Rider
    I am registered for the first available MSF course April 20-22. My plan was to get my bike registered and insured on April 23 and then spend some time going out at night after 9pm when the roads are far less busy. I was going to ride to a large empty (at night) mall parking lot a mile away...
  6. Please help me decide between these alarms

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Because of the apartments I live in I am looking to buy an alarm for my bike. I would love some input from other people as I am tired of searching online and not finding what I am looking for. I'll list below the ones I am looking at #1 Scorpio i900 Pros: highly rated, proximity sensor...
  7. 60 days on the bike: am I still a newbie?

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    So today marks two months spent riding on my first motorcycle here in NYC. Am I still a newbie? Gotta say, everything's been going good for me and the bike. Never dropped it, never had an accident, I'm a careful rider (just turned 40) and I am passionate about motorcycling. And learning to...
  8. New and clueless.

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hi i figure i better join a forum for some better information seeing as how there are not many i can ask in person. I'm looking to become a good rider i've been driving a car for a few years now and don't get me wrong i don't mind driving my car. But i want to have more fun than just sitting on...
  9. Losing power on the highway, help!

    Motorcycle Repair
    On the highway to work this morning, going 65ish, I'm in 6th gear. For a little bit I feel like the bike was revving too high for 6th but I can't be certain.. Anyway, halfway through the ride the tachometer starts spiking to its limit and I lose power for an instant. I lay off the throttle and...
  10. Shift lever adjustment

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    So this season for whatever reason I've noticed that I've been missing my upshifts from 1st to 2nd a lot. At least once every couple of days I'll slap it into neutral and rev the crap out the engine on accident. I also felt slightly uncomfortable with the position of my foot and ankle when it...
  11. trouble with 2001 Ninja 250

    I purchased my 2001 with 2300 miles on the odometer. I put new tires, front and back. Changed oil, battery, and air filter. I rode the bike 34 miles to work and home (68 total) two days in a row. On the third day on the way home lost power, put it on reserve and made it to a gas station put 4.1...
  12. Dave from SoCal

    New Member Introductions
    How is everybody? I am a brand new rider, just bought my first bike yesterday, an '04 Ninja 250. I am taking the MSF course next weekend and will be getting my M1 soon after. This forum was a lot of help for me to decide what I wanted to start out with. I can see myself eventually riding a 600cc...
  13. Ninja 250r high rev

    Hello, i heard that the ninja 250r has high rev while going approx. 65+ mph. I understand it is because this is a low cc motorcycle, but do you think this will have much effect on the mileage life of it?