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  1. 07 honda cbr1000rr stuck neutral

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hello Im new on this forum but i really need some help. i bought an honda cbr1000rr from 07 it has 32k km on it. The dude before me crashed it hard. I'm almost done fixing the bike. I only have 2 problems left. 1. The bike wont go in gear. When i first got it it could go into every gear...
  2. Gear Shifting Problems

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi guys Just bought a Hyosung GT650R and I'm experiencing some problems with shifting into neutral. Bought the bike from a close friend who dropped it, a part of the gear lever to break off. I have replaced the lever but I'm struggling to get the bike into neutral. When the engine is off...
  3. Gas with choke on?

    First Bike / New Rider
    I understand its a no no to ride with the choke on, but is it bad to have the choke on and give it some gas while in neutral?
  4. Tachometer randomly falls to zero

    Motorcycle Repair
    Im a motorcycle noob. I have a Yamaha yzf 600 rt (c) i noticed it first when i was going about 60 in 5th gear down a country road near my house. The tacho just dropped to zero and stayed for a few seconds, then jumped back to read what the motor was actually doing. Now it does it in almost...
  5. real wheel does not spin freely in neutral

    First Bike / New Rider
    I'm new to the forum. I have problem with my new (to me)1974 HONDA CB350 Motorcycle bike. In neutral the rear wheel spins freely in the forward direction, but if I try to spin in reverse direction it either does not spin, is hard to spin, or spins briefly and stops abruptly. Seems to do better...