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  1. Turn Signal Mirrors -- Good, Bad, or Ugly?

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    hey guys, just got a new bike...a 2002 SV 650. It has a few small needs...but it's been a hoot so far. :) (more on that in another post soon!) The mirrors on it are custom (read: lame) and small, and narrow angled. It also doesn't have front turn signals...and the cops never bothered the last...
  2. Mirrors on Ninja 250

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Hi, i ride a 08 Ninja 250 and no matter how i adjust my mirrors i cant see a thing behind me in the same lane. It concnerns me a lot specially when approaching a yellow light. If i make a sudden stop since its yellow i am not sure how close the guy behind me is and will stop as well. I am...