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  1. General Motorcycle Discussion
    Hi I have looked through my owner's manual to try and find torque settings for the two bolts on the brake caliper, but couldn't find it. If anyone has got a larger manual or knows the common torque settings for the CB series, then it would be much appreciated.
  2. First Bike / New Rider
    Hi all, I'm about to begin my journey as a motorcyclist! My buddy is moving and basically giving me his bike (TVS Apache 2011 RTR 180cc) and so, naturally, I would like to learn how to ride it! I've never driven a manual car before (curse you, America and your obsession with automatic), and...
  3. Motorcycle Repair
    Hey all. Would anyone happen to have a digital copy of a shop manual for a Honda XL 125 from 1974. Thanks.
  4. General Motorcycle Discussion
    SUZUKI FAULT CODES Harley,Victory codes c11 Camshaft position sensor or circuit malfunction The signal does not reach to ECM for more than 4 sec. after receiving the starter signal. The CMP sensor wiring and mechanical parts...
  5. General Motorcycle Discussion
    Cm anyone help me find a manual on my 83 Honda nighthawk 650SC? I'm used to working on cars and they are a bit different. It doesn't really need to be a manual. I just need help identifying the parts.
  6. General Motorcycle Discussion
    Hey All, Had a friend we know show us this site, and thought we'd pass on the goodness Enjoy :)
  7. Suzuki
    I need one urgently, can anyone help me?? send to eiplatne .at.
  8. Harley Davidson and Buell
    i sent an email to a company that makes motorcycle service manuals, they said itll be about 2 years before the 2008 manual is out. now, would i be safe using a service manual for an 06/07 model? i have an XL1200R
1-8 of 9 Results