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  1. Maintenance cost of Honda CB300R 2018

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Has anyone had this bike about a year or more? If so, how expensive has the service been at an official dealer so far? Also, how good fuel efficiency do you get at 80km/h when you ride 45 min straight?
  2. Cost of maintenance for Yamaha MT-125 and Suzuki GSX250RAL8

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    I have been looking at these two bikes since they are both fuel efficient and beginner bikes. Surprisingly, in my country the Suzuki is cheaper than the Yamaha, even though it is a 250cc. My questions are: Do you think the Suzuki is worse quality than the Yamaha? If any of you have these...
  3. Chain cleaning innovation: ChainBath

    Inventors - Dreamers - Entrepreneurs
    Hello guys and girls, I'm new on motorcycle forum, I'm a user on Kawasaki Versys forum (I have a Versys 650) I'm a mechanical engineer in aerospace, rider and inventor. As a chain driven bike rider, I always hated the chain cleaning maintenance. So much so that on my first chain I did almost...
  4. Bike Maintenance?

    First Bike / New Rider
    I bought a 2007 Honda CBR125R last month and I'm concerned about keeping it healthy. It has 3800km on it now. I'm not interested in learning anything other than very basic stuff right now. I guess I'd like to know do I need to bring it to a honda dealer or can I just bring it by any garage and...
  5. 85 Nighthawk cb450sc restore

    Vintage Forum
    So I'm going to document my work on the 85 Nighthawk I picked up. (I will post pics for everything once I'm allowed.) First a bit o' back story: My first bike was 78 Kawasaki KZ 400 that I picked up from a buddy when I was 20 for $450 that I was "totally going to rebuild." It's still in pieces...
  6. Spark Plug help

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hey there, I'm a new ish rider and I'm on my second bike (2006 Yamaha V-star Classic) And after replacing the plugs, about 2k miles later I pull out the plug and it doesn't look pristine. I'm by no means a mechanic and was hoping I could get some input on it. Bike has about 7228 miles, and yes I...
  7. oil change

    First Bike / New Rider
    im ready to change the oil in my Honda cm200t. noticed there is no oil filter and the oil is also the tranny fluid. what should I use?? the maual states 10w40 4 stroke oil... is this just regular motor oil like for a car or something motorcycle specific??
  8. Recommended tools for starter maintenance

    Motorcycle Repair
    So I just got a 2007 Yamaha V star 1300. I would like to do a good amout on the maintenance work myself, such as changing the spark plugs, changing the oil and filter, installing my own accessories, and any needed tune ups. My first question is, what kind of tool should I get, I was seeing...
  9. '81 Yamaha XS1100 burning oil

    First Bike / New Rider
    I bought a 1981 yamaha XS1100 this past spring. Has 23,000 miles on it. In the last few years it has done a lot of sitting. It drove home the day I bought it. I immediately replaced the air filter, oil filter, gear and engine oil. After putting a few hundred miles on it some problems have...
  10. Endless trouble

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Squishy brakes, leaking clutch, shifter and footpeg bolt vibrating loose constantly, right blinkers won't work, Left side mirror broke, replacement won't look further down than the second story across the street, speedometer cable snapped, and UPS never delivers when someone is home. Why am I...
  11. Providence Magna!

    New Member Introductions
    Hey yall, Ive just bought a 1982 H V45 Magna. Pics soon. Starts right up, and fits in my 82 VW Vanagon, just like kindred spirits i guess. Looking forward to some spring riding, but I have a couple questions. 1: how much safety gear (helmet, boots, jacket, chaps, gloves, etc...) is really...
  12. Different Sort of Break In

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hey folks. So I purchased a 2003 Suzuki GZ250 with 390 original miles on it in almost mint condition. It's been garage kept mostly. I'd like to talk about whether or not it's possible to salvage a break-in from this point forward. I don't have any way of knowing whether or not the bike was...
  13. F1 / Fl error light

    Cruiser Forum
    I have a c50 boulevard, it dies when f1, fl light comes on. After letting it sit a while, it turns over, and it will start, but it takes a LONG time trying. Actually runs ok (not sputtering or weak), it just dies when riding at slow speeds or when pulling out of a stop.(sometimes) All fluids...
  14. hesitation on acceleration with 96 1100GS

    I have a maintenance question which I have asked many people and have not been able to get a good response to, so here it is: I have a 1996 1100 BMW GS. It hesitates when I give it throttle. This started only when I put the motor under a lot of stress, I.E. opening it up from 80 to 90 with two...
  15. Ducati Maintenance Costs

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    I'm not asking how to repair one, just how expensive it is relative to other manufacturers. So I figured it would fit better here than in the maintenance and repair section. I have a 2001 BMW R1100S currently and thus am intimately familiar with how...prohibitive(or would exorbitant...
  16. Riding in the rain

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Can anyone tell me if riding in the rain will damage my motorcycle? Should I do any maintenance work after riding in the rain, like re-lubricating the chain or drying anything off? Thanks, Bongoman
  17. 1992 Ninja 250 running slow

    Hey everyone, I'm new to this site and to motorcycles in general, so be patient with me please. I recently bought a 1992 Ninja 250 from someone locally. The bike only has 4000 miles on it, because between the previous 2 owners, the bike sat for about 5-6 years without being ridden. The bike...