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  1. Scooter Forum
    Yes, I'm posting in the right forum. I just acquired a 1965 Harley Davidson M50. Made by AerMacchi for Harley Davidson in Italy. This is number 74! It's been sitting for about 20 years so it needs to be brought back to life. Mostly original and I hope to keep it that way. Any others out there...
  2. Suzuki
    I have a 2007 Suzuki M50 Boulevard Limited Edition and am looking for a sissy bar. With so much variety out there, it is a little overwhelming. What would you recommend? Is installation fairly easy? What about the ones with the luggage rack attached? Thanks, Darrin
  3. First Bike / New Rider
    hello , i jut purchased a m50 2005 with 1900 miles n it , when i put the key in and the oil indicator icon and a little red light come up , ones i turn the the bike on it all goes away , is that normal or do i need to get it looked at. thank you .
  4. Suzuki
    I have been checking out the Yamaha C50 and M50 bikes. I read a lot of complaints about the rear drum brakes. Can someone tell me specifically what is wrong with them and is it a deal breaker? I am a new rider and looking for a used bike and some people say they are great bikes and others said...
1-4 of 4 Results