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  1. 1976 Honda CB500T engine problems

    Motorcycle Repair
    So I am having some difficulties in a Cafe build. I am pretty decent at mechanics and I can easily look at something and figure out how it works. What I did: I pulled the top half of the engine off to change the gaskets. I put everything back together just how I took it apart. The motor would...
  2. New subscriber, new rider with troubleshooting questions

    New Member Introductions
    Hello all who are on two wheels. I am pretty good with mechanics to a certain extent. I have a 1976 honda cb500t that i pulled the top half of the motor apart, changed gaskets and put everything back together. The problem: the motor turns freely using the fly wheel and the kick start will turn...
  3. Caliper pisons

    Motorcycle Repair
    I just bought a bike and the guy said the back brakes just locked up on him one day. So I took apart the brake system and cleaned it a little then bleed the brakes. Took it out for a drive and they were working fine for a while till they locked up on me to the point where my back tire dragged...
  4. How To: Clean Motorcycle Calipers

    How To
    As requested by YamahaFan, Ive done the calipers myself, and documented it. This would be using a 1992 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6D with two front 4-piston calipers. First you will start off with a caliper looking something like this: This is a typical brake caliper, in this case its a 4 piston (two...