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  1. 1980 Suzuki A100(M) LED Conversion

    Building, Restoration & Modification
    Has anyone changed out the OEM lights (head, tail and/or indicators) for LEDs? How'd you go? Did you have to change anything else out? I''m struggling to find any useful info - given that this is a 6V bike with bayonet globes, finding LEDs that will fit are a pain! Cheers, Justin
  2. We're trying to fix the CREE U5 LED light to use only one mode.

    Motorcycle Repair
    So we've tried to fix the U5 lights so that it only uses the full light mode. Currently it has all the 3 modes with the obnoxious strobe mode. We got one to work by removing the U2 chip, but when we ordered another one it had a totally different circuit board. It seems as though the U2 chip is...
  3. Super cheap&easy LED mod! ~5$

    Building, Restoration & Modification
    Hi, I just finnished putting some LED's on my CBR125. Here's how it looks: CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO It only cost me a total of about $5, and I got the parts of eBay. You can do this wherever you live, since they offer free international shipping. If anybody wants me to do another video on how I...
  4. LED Motorcycle Lights

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hey I know I'm not the first to come up with this, but how do y'all feel about LED lights on a motorcyclist's ankles which project 6 ft to his left and right for greater visibility, day and night? Picture it being like large glowing wings on the ground. Thoughts? Comments? Praise? Ridicule? Legal?
  5. Gilera DNA oil LED blinking

    Other motorcycle manufacturers
    Hi all, Recenty I noticed that my 180cc scooter oil LED sometimes blinks for a second. The oil level is at max, and to be sure that the oil quality is good, I changed the oil of the engine. What could the problem be? I am confused because my mechanic told me that it could be an electric fault...