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  1. Leather jacket fitting?

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Hey guys. I just got back into riding and I'm used to wearing textile gear, but I decided to go with leather gear this time. I'm kinda confused in terms of how a sports-leather jacket is supposed to fit. The jacket I'm wearing is snug but it looks pretty short. My belly is exposed if I raise my...
  2. Dainese jacket fitment?

    Sportsbike Forum
    Hello, So I’m here today because I finally recently purchased my first leather riding jacket. I have only ever ridden in a t shirt..I know not the best idea. So finally went to the shop to pick up a leather jacket. Ended up getting the dainese Avro 4 perforated leather jacket. I love it so far...
  3. Roland Sands Leather Jackets

    Reviews & Opinions
    I bought a black RSD Ronin in 2015. To date it has faded so much on certain panels, that it looks like a two tone jacket (not cool RSD). I contacted them, sent pictures - and they have offered the store I bought it from a credit, so i can either return or exchange (thank you RSD!). I love the...
  4. How should a leather jacket fit?

    New Member Introductions
    I'm shopping for a new leather jacket and I'm looking at Dainese jackets. The size 38 fits perfectly but doesn't have room for a sweatshirt underneath and the next size up, 40 is loose enough that the armor shifts around slightly. I've never owned a motorcycle so I don't know if I'll want to...
  5. Conditioning Leather Jacket For Rain

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    I'm sure you guys have answered this many many times before.. but search engines aren't what everyone makes them out to be. So I want to know what the guys with years of experience have used on their leather to make sure it lasts... If you're a guy that's had the same jacket for 10 to 20 years...
  6. Accessories question

    First Bike / New Rider
    I don't even have my first bike yet, but I want to get the right gear before I buy a bike. I love leather, and it's great whenever I ride as a passenger, but the problem is, I live in AZ. And it's June. We have 100 degree weather here, mid 90s on good days. Are armored jackets made of...
  7. Milwaukee boots

    I recently purchased a brand new pair of "Milwaukee" cycle boots at Farm and Fleet, I was kind of skeptical as they looked like they might be some cheaper knock off of Harley gear, but i have to say they are very comfortable for riding and for just going around in. They were half the price of a...
  8. Speed and Strength - Moment of Truth glove review

    Recently I purchased these gloves at the local Motorcycle shop. They retail for about $40, I got them for $33. I have an avg-to-smallish sized hand (read femmy) and the mediums are a bit snug on me. I opted for snug rather than loose, since they will almost certainly stretch out some. The...