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  1. Dainese jacket fitment?

    Sportsbike Forum
    Hello, So I’m here today because I finally recently purchased my first leather riding jacket. I have only ever ridden in a t shirt..I know not the best idea. So finally went to the shop to pick up a leather jacket. Ended up getting the dainese Avro 4 perforated leather jacket. I love it so far...
  2. Simpson 55th Anniversary Motorcycle Jacket

    Vendor Deals
    Simpson 55th Anniversary Motorcycle Jacket Outer fabric: Leather Color: Red, White, Gold Features: Abrasion resistant 600 denier nylon mesh cloth high performance breathable fabric Removable foam based CE Certified five protectors on the back, shoulders and elbows,chest Adjustable Cuff zip...
  3. Helite Leather Airbag Jacket Review

    Hello All- Helite's Leather Airbag Jacket combines a mechanical airbag apparatus with traditional cafe styling. Tune in to see how it held up over my winter commute! -MKL
  4. Roland Sands Leather Jackets

    Gear Reviews & Opinions
    I bought a black RSD Ronin in 2015. To date it has faded so much on certain panels, that it looks like a two tone jacket (not cool RSD). I contacted them, sent pictures - and they have offered the store I bought it from a credit, so i can either return or exchange (thank you RSD!). I love the...
  5. Basic Black Leather Jacket on a Budget - Viking Cycle Skeid leather jacket review

    Hello All - This week's review is in response to those who wrote to me requesting a review for a basic, black leather jacket at an affordable price point. I found one which works well and won't break the bank! Check it out..... -MKL
  6. Review of Alpinestars Octane Leather Jacket

    Hi all, A few of the guys and I decided to try out Alpinestar's Octane leather jacket. I've always respected the quality that comes out of Alpinestars so I was eager to try it out. Overall the Octane is a well made leather jacket. The quality of the stitching and the leather is top notch...