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  1. Running lean after cleaning jets

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi all, Quite new to motorcycle maintenance here - recently I left my 2004 Ninja 250 sitting for a few months. It was running a bit rough when I returned to it so I pulled the carb and use carb cleaner and some wire to clean the main and pilot jet. This is a procedure that I've completed...
  2. Mixture adjustment?

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hi, the guy I bought my bike from mentioned something about adjustment a screw or something if I wanted to adjust the mixture to make it more rich/lean. I can't remember what he said, though, and I'm wondering if someone could direct me to pictures/more info on where to find this adjustment...
  3. Carb issue or something else?

    Motorcycle Repair
    To begin, I have a 1981 suzuki gs 450. I had a friend rebuild the carbs last year because I thought I was having issues that were carb related. I didn't put this on until this spring because I was too busy. I could not get the bike to really start or idle. I checked my ignition coils. The...
  4. Running lean on today's gas

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    The gas at my local stations is supposed to contain 10% ethanol, though it actually runs closer to 18% ethanol. My bike has a carburetor, so it tends to run lean with this fuel. Now that it is getting colder, and the air is denser, it is leaner still. As a result, I've been getting over...
  5. Slip On Exhaust pipes

    Harley Davidson and Buell
    so i put my cycle shack Drag pipe slip ons-on on saturday, i have a 2008 EFI xl1200R, i have baffles in. it pops on decel. but not when i pull the cluch in, only when i roll off the throttle. when im idling in front of a stop sign or red light i smell gas. i have stock air filter and no remap...