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  1. 1983 honda v45 magna vs newbie

    Motorcycle Repair
    So I bought my first bike off of craigslist a few months ago and am just now having the time to start to work on it. I had never touched a motorcycle or had any prior engine maniacal knowledge before this project. I knew it did not start when I got it but it was most likely just the battery that...
  2. Oil Leak - Help would be appreciated!

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hey all! New to riding. Just picked up my first bike a few weeks ago - a 1975 Honda CB 125s. Took it in for a look over and the mechanic said it is in great shape. I'm attempting to learn as I go regarding repairs but could use some help at the moment. I have a small oil leak (one or two...
  3. Leaky gasket, throttle problems, smoke

    Motorcycle Repair
    I have a 1978 Honda CB400TII that inadvertently turned into a project bike. After a month if getting the engine apart and back together I finally started it and 3 things happened: 1: Oil started leaking from the gasket around the bottom of the cylinders. And not just a little. It was enough for...
  4. GS450 L Carbs Leaking

    So, here is my problem. I recently have had my bike fixed at a shop because of light problems and they fixed it perfect. I brought home my bike and went for a test ride, maybe about 30 minutes in total. On my way back home I noticed that it was having problems whenever idling and then it died...
  5. Where's this oil coming from?

    Motorcycle Repair
    I have what looks like an oil leak on one of my engine blocks. It looks like engine oil, but I can't be sure, and it seems an unlikely place for engine oil to reach. I really don't have any idea where it could have come from. I had a gas leak several weeks ago which spilt all over the engine...
  6. Shift Shaft Seal

    Motorcycle Repair
    I put a new stator in my Sabre (VT1100C2). Everything went well, except nobody tells you that prying the engine cover over the shift shaft seal is a little more than just pulling the cover off. This, I think is the experience part that's not added to the Clymer/Chilton ,which is why these forums...
  7. '86 Kawasaki KZ305b Head Gasket

    Motorcycle Repair
    I made the mistake of telling a friend that his first motorcycle was in great shape and that he should purchase it. I have since learned to keep my mouth shut as now I have to fix something that crept up during his first week of riding. The head gasket of this fine motorcycle has started to...
  8. Uh...this doesn't seem good (fork leaking oil)

    I have a Honda Shadow Spirit 2003. I just noticed my front left fork is leaking oil. I found a few drops on the ground and then noticed blow back on the chrome, shifter, etc. I know this isn't good but what is going on and how serious is it? Also, I called Honda and they said 87 octane was...