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  1. Kawasaki GPZ 500S 1997 won't start, clicking noise when pressing ignition

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hello guys, My Kawasaki GPZ 500S 1997 now refuses to start normally with the start button. When I press it nothing happens besides a "clicking" sound that seems to come from somewhere under the saddle, around the battery. Here is a video of the problem: Does anybody knows what is this issue...
  2. 30k

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    This morning at about 6:40 a.m. after leaving work my baby turned 30,000 miles. I realize this isn't huge, but I gotta say that after a new set of rubber, this past Weds. it rides like a brand new 1980-something sport bike. Not bad considering that when this bike rolled off the factory line, I...