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  1. BMW
    I recently purchased a nice '91 K75s and really like it. Unfortunately, I laid it down two days ago and it now starts and runs rough. Some front fairing damage resulted from the accident but my speed was only about 5mph so there is no apparent damage other than a broken signal housing and...
  2. BMW
    There are many things that make the K75 & K100 radically different motorcycles that they are. aside from the horizontal inline engine, is its charging system. You have to give attention to the selection of a new battery for your bike. 12v 12Ah battery is not adequate for proper function...
  3. BMW
    Pretty straight forward question, BMW keeps tighter tabs on there manuals then Harley Davidson. Ive got a chilton for my 92 k75 but really, its just instructions on how to change the parts. no real information on testing them.
  4. BMW
    Ive got a 92 K75/S ABS and ive had the bike diagnosed at engle motors in KCMO the ABS light flashes even after the breaks of been cycled as mentioned in the owners manual. both ABS units are working properly, what i was told is what is causing the problem is the alternator even though its...
  5. First Bike / New Rider
    Hey, thanks for helping. I'm looking for my first bike, mostly for commuting and getting around the city. The problem is I'm 6'5 and am picky about the look of the bike. I've read lots of post suggesting a dirtbike or larger sportbike, and i like their more upright riding position but i just...
1-5 of 5 Results