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  1. Running lean after cleaning jets

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi all, Quite new to motorcycle maintenance here - recently I left my 2004 Ninja 250 sitting for a few months. It was running a bit rough when I returned to it so I pulled the carb and use carb cleaner and some wire to clean the main and pilot jet. This is a procedure that I've completed...
  2. High idle when warm?

    Motorcycle Repair
    I had idle issues a while back and found a vacuum leak that I fixed. I checked it again today and there seems to not be a leak. I went on a ride today and after a short time the bike would idle at close to 5k (even went up to 7k right before I was trying to check for the vacuum leak. I have...
  3. Bike Idles At 3000 When Warm?

    Motorcycle Repair
    So my bike idles fine when I cold start it. I almost always have to have the choke on to make it start. Today I rode around for maybe 30 minutes and as the ride went on the idle kept inching up and eventually when I was done it idled at 3000. I have read on other forums people having this...