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  1. Need help buying a used bike Plz ?

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Hi folks! So, I'm struggling to make up my mind about buying a used motorcycle in Japan. I'll try make it as short as possible. I'll also post links (you can translate the pages to English if you have chrome). 1. 1990 Honda VFR750F 40,000Km the cheeper option (2000$) based on what I read...
  2. Greetings from Japan!

    New Member Introduction
    Hi gang! I'm Dave, I am currently teaching English in Japan. I have always wanted to ride, but before now, I never had the money to get a proper motorcycle. Now that I'm in the land of bikes, I figured I'd start riding again ? I look forward to being a part of this community. よろしくおねがいします!

    Videography Showcase
    Today I rode my MT-07 to the Toyota valley region in Aichi Prefecture. The main place I wanted to go is called Korankei, but due to 1000's of tourists being there that day I gave up on the idea and just rode around the hills and took the bike off-road a little bit. Also went to check out an...
  4. Japanese Shrine

    Photography Showcase
    This is a "secret" shine near where I work. It's cherry blossom season now and they look great.
  5. Busted Bearings

    Motorcycle Repair
    I was riding to work today and felt a little bumpy ride and I could hear this scratching noise. It didn't sound good. The last couple times I had heard a strange sound when I was riding it turned out to be the car in front of me. However, I could feel this one. It felt as if something was stuck...
  6. Hello from Japan

    New Member Introductions
    Hi, I'm an American living in Wakayama, Japan (near Osaka). I'm in my late twenties and bought a motorcycle last July. I completed the Japanese riders' training school which was about 16 hours of riding on a closed course full of real (but stationary) obstacles. Before that, I had my...