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  1. 2003 Suzuki Intruder VS800 - Not Starting but lights come on

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hey Everyone, So I recently plugged my bike up to a charger for the winter and when went to put it back into the bike I believe I reversed the polarity. Due to this I ended up blowing the main fuse. I replaced the fuse, but i think I messed something up on the bike. When i plug the battery...
  2. Hi I am David

    New Member Introductions
    Hello all. I'm David Skinner, I am new to this community and also new to the whole Bike scene I suppose you would call it. I started riding with a 1995 Honda Goldwing GL1500 Anniversary Edition although unfortunately due to the nature of my job, I sustained a knee injury and it became to...
  3. Hello from England

    New Member Introductions
    As a new member i thought i would introduce myself. I live in Dorset, a County in the South of England. I ride a 1995 Intruder VS1400, (when it let's me). I've ridden bikes since the age 17, (57 now)., mostly Triumphs. I've joined this site to aquire different opinions from others and to input...
  4. arcing

    I have a v twin 750 86 intruder; I noticed there is a small arc jumping from the spark plug to the head I was wondering wtf is going on!!! Bad ground? As well the battery is brand new and not barley holding 14v. It barley starts after sitting for a day. Just trying to take advantage of the few...
  5. Need help identifying tank to buy compatible gas cap

    First Bike / New Rider
    I recently bought my first bike, a 1989 Suzuki Intruder 750 however there was a gas leak problem due to a patch on the tank. I purchased a new tank (listed as a 1990) off of eBay thinking that the gas cap off of the old tank would be easily swapped onto the new tank, however, this is not the...
  6. 88 Suzuki Intruder 750 heat

    First Bike / New Rider
    New to riding and new to motorcycles in general. I scored this 88 Intruder for $400 and I am in love with the lifestyle all ready. After battling with the battery for almost 2 days( the location of the battery box is directly under the frame with wires too short). Anyhow, I have changed the...
  7. Nomad or Intruder

    Gear Reviews & Opinions
    Ok folks, time to sound of for your corners. I need to make a choice between a 1500 Nomad or a 1500 Intruder. I'm not that interested in sporty preformance. Mostly just long mile comfort. My car is a Lincoln Town Car if that gives you any insite into my preferences. The Intruder is a 98 in...
  8. 86 Suzuki Intruder help!

    Motorcycle Repair
    So my brother in law recently gave me his 86 intruder for nothing which is awesome. It's been riding well for a few weeks until the day I put oil in bad stuff happened. I'm positive it was the right oil, sae 10w-40, and I filled it to the full mark. Later that night I cranked it and let it warm...
  9. Forum newbie need Intruder customizing info

    New Member Introductions
    Aloha all - Just checking in as newbie to this forum. First ride was way back in '56 - a '52 Panhead HD - later a '56 Panhead, then a couple of Sporsters - one tricked out for AMA TT racing (also a BSA Goldstar 500 for TT - did flat traclk 1/4 mile with various 250cc mfgs - Road different...
  10. Suzuki Intruder VS1400 any advice please??!!

    Cruiser Forum
    Hello guys and gals. Newbie to this, but thought I'd see if anybody has any advice. I have a 99 Intruder, only 17K miles. Used fairly regularly (once or twice a week) but seldom goes very far. Had some issues when I bought it, as it had been sitting unused for a while. Custom geezer I got it...
  11. Sometimes it starts..sometimes it doesn't..not the battery or starter!

    Motorcycle Repair
    So i have an 86 suzuki intruder vs700. When i hit the starter button, most of the time, nothing happens. it's worse when the bike is cold. if i get off the bike after it's been running, shut it down, and hit it, starts right back up. if the bike has been sitting for a couple hours, i only...
  12. Stretching out my 1st bike with 3 years riding now!

    New Member Introductions
    About me, I'm relatively new to riding, having started riding 3 years ago, and owning a bike for the last two. Currently have an 86 suzuki intruder vs700 which I love and has treated me well so far. A few problems, but nothing out of the ordinary. I've been fixing everything on the bike...
  13. my riding clips

    Videography Showcase
  14. Need help finding carburetor for Suzuki VS Intruder!

    Hi, So I'm new at this website, and I joined because my dad really needs some help finding a carburetor for his Suzuki VS Intruder (1990). Of course my dad being the technology hanicap I'm doing all the legwork. :) As far as I can gather, the carburetor is somehow faulty, and it's using up the...