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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hi Everyone, I bought a 1974 KZ400 cafe racer last week and I am not getting the speed that I expected in low gear. When I throttle it the engine is limited in power. The cafe racer has an aftermarket dual straight pipe exhaust and a K&N air filter hung on with a hose clamp off the carb. There...
  2. Motorcycle Repair
    Hi i have a 1963 honda trail 55. When i kick it over there is spark and fuel but wont start so i moved to compression. I realized that there is air blowing out of the carb. So i thought it would be the valves. After some work i found a great deal online and replaced the cylinder head and cover...
  3. Building, Restoration & Modification
    Hey everyone, I recently acquired an 83 tempter gr650x with some damage so I decided to strip it down and rebuild with a cafe racer/bobber influence. First custom job was making an intake manifold so i can run a single carb instead of the dual setup. Any one have any advice as to a good carb...
1-3 of 3 Results