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  1. How Expensive Is Motorcycle Insurance?

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    So I just finished my MSF Course yesterday, passed, and now I officially have my Motorcycle license. I am now looking into purchasing a bike but I wanted to do some research on insurance and costs. I started with GEICO first and it came back as a whopping $957 a month cost. A MONTH! (you read...
  2. Good morning guys, can you help me find a quote for my bike ?

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    I’m trying to find a quote for my custom cafe racer but I haven’t had the best of luck finding one. Can you help me get a rough idea on finding one or telling how much it would be ? the only bike details I know of it is that the bike is a Honda CB500F 2016 model. I do apologise as I can’t tell...
  3. Motorcycle Insurance

    Gear Reviews & Opinions
    Hello, im 17 years old and just finished a MSF course. Im trying to get insurance and live in Texas, but most places i call say that they will not insure me because i am under 18. Does anyone know of any insurence that will insure me? Thank you!
  4. Advice with Insurance

    Sportsbike Forum
    So currently I ride a 2008 ninja 250r. I love it and ride every day however I'm looking to buy something with more power. I've ridden a few of my friends bikes like the cbr 600 and a r6. The only problem is I'm getting screwed with any quotes for insurance. Currently I go through progressive for...
  5. I beat Insurance Comapnies

    Riders and the Law
    So, since I am buying my bike on Saturday, I figured it was a good time to close the deal on some insurance. Problem is, each time I went shopping the monthly rate was at least $250 A MONTH. A MONTH. That's absolutely ridiculous!!! Geico, progressive, state farm, they all wanted monthly...
  6. New Rider Looking For Highway Bike

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hey guys, so I'm new to all this and figured you'd be a great starting resource. I'm looking for a bike to go on cross country trips with that will get pretty good fuel economy. I was looking to get a Honda Rebel because it gets great mpgs and I like the retro look, but after doing a bit of...
  7. insurance!

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Hey everyone, searched the forums and didn't see anything about this... curious what everyone is paying per year (or monthly) for their insurance plans? - how long have you been riding? - what do you ride? - how old are you? - been in accidents? - who provides your plan? - do you have other...
  8. What is a good "amount" of insurance?

    Sport Bike As First Bike
    I haven't gotten a bike yet, but I'm in the market for 250-500cc bike to start me off, but I am unsure about the amount of insurance I should get. I don't want to just get liability, but I don't want to go super-over-the-top-crazy and break the bank. I'll be riding in town(small town with less...
  9. Insurance Tricks?

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hey, I am just wondering if their are any things a rider can do to lower their insurance? Also, can you only insure your bike for the riding season? Like for me it would be may-august. Would they allow me? Thanks.
  10. Insurance Price, Need Help!

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hi all, my name is Marius, I'm a norwegian guy moving to orlando in 5 weeks, I'm signed up for a MSF course on arrival, then I'm taking my motorcycle endorsement at the DMV and I haven't got my SSN yet, so I was wondering of anybody here could help me out a little with a insurance qoute on a...
  11. How much should I plan to spend????

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    So I've had a bike now for about 2 years and go riding with my grandfather alot. Since it has been kind of a bonding experience for us, he has always paid my insurance in exchange for some quality time with his grandson, and just cuz he was a good guy. The long and short of it is he recently...