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  1. How To
    What is the trigger wire and how does the ignitor, coils, and rectifier create spark? Looks like the coils share a wire. Need a pro
  2. Honda
    I have an 83 V65 magna that will not start. I was riding in town, it was running fine. I stopped and ran in the store. When I came out and tried to start the bike up, it wouldnt. It would just crank and crank. I think it might be the ignitors, but what are the chance of both of them failing...
  3. Suzuki
    92' Suzuki Bandit GSF400 - electric start will not produce spark, won't start. -I can bump start it 100% of the time pretty easily (catch it in gear) -Bike runs great after that -Have service manual, did most ignition tests (all relays, switchs, coils, check grouds, spark plugs, ohm out to...
1-3 of 3 Results