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ignition coil

  1. Wiring an advancer to an ignition coil

    Motorcycle Repair
    This is on a 1974 Honda 125XL Ignition Coil Leftmost (1 pin) Advancer second from left (1 pin) Gearbox second from right (4 pin) Battery Rightmost (4 pin, Positive, negative and a loopback) I have just confirmed that the ignition coil works, Now I am trying to figure out if the advancer...
  2. Getting an ignition coil to spark

    Motorcycle Repair
    I have been trying to get this ignition coil and spark plug to light. I connected a 6v batterys negative lead to the metal frame and flicked the positive lead against the protruding wire, I am seeing sparks coming from the point of conact but nothing from the spark plug. according to my...
  3. How to wire ignition coil

    How To
    I have just bought new coils for my old Suzuki T200 and am confused on the wiring. I could not buy the factory coils due to the bike's age. I have bought coils that only have a single terminal per coil and a metal bar with mounting holes. Is that bar supposed to go to the points/ground? There...
  4. Need new seat and ignition coils for '82 gs650g

    The seat currently on the bike is due for an upgrade -- any suggestions on where to get a good replacement seat with the same look? Also, the ignition coils are the originals and the spark plug wires leak current which is causing trouble. I'd replace just the wires, but they're molded into the...