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  1. Jackets
    Does anyone know where I could acquire original Icon Timax jackets? I know they discontinued this product but on amazon they're consistently selling them only in yellow.
  2. Jackets
    Im going to purchase my first jacket soon and was looking around at my local powersports shop (beechmont motorsports) at helmets and i saw a jacket that i am considering buying. It was an ICON leather (blue/white) priced at $199 and seemed like a good deal. i didnt get to write down the jacket...
  3. Pants/Chaps
    Hi guys and Gals, I've seen one too many crashes where the riders legs/kness got shredded and am in search of a good pair of comfortable pants. I really like the look of the icon super duty 2 pants. Anyone out there have a set? Are they any good? Also, I'm tall (6'1"). The reported max...
  4. Jackets
    Had a chance to review Icon's Victory Death or Glory all leather jacket and thought I'd share my investigation with you guys. I was first intrigued by the jaw-dropping looks this jacket has ... then curious as to why the jaw dropping price tag that comes along with it. The all leather hide, CE...
1-4 of 4 Results