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  1. 1988 Honda Hurricane Not Starting

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hello everyone. I am having troubles getting my bike to start and have run out of ideas. So when I press the start button, the starter solenoid clicks like a machine gun. I fully charged the battery and even tried boosting it using a car battery and get the same results. I have taken out the...
  2. Stripped down fixed up 89' CBR600f Hurricane, good for beginner?

    First Bike / New Rider
    My buddy is selling his 89' CBR600f Hurricane that he fixed up. Its in the same style as this one below... He has an asking price of $1500. I'm 21 and this would be my first bike. I've read tons of forums with riders saying starting out on a sport 600 is an awful decision because of the...
  3. please help me to bring my cbr back up to par

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    I just bought an 87' cbr600 hurricane and the guy who had it before me had been trying to do custom body work to it. Anyways, I pretty much need new fairings and pretty much everything on the body. Can someone please tell me where I could find these items online? It how I should go about getting...
  4. Hi! need some help!

    New Member Introductions
    Hi i´m from Costa Rica, i hope to get usefull information from here in the future. Right now i´m trying to raise some money to buy a a cbr400 from 1987. Actually, if someone could tell me the differences between the 400rr, the hurricane, and other denominations from 1987 it would be really helpful!!
  5. 1987 Honda Hurricane 600

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hey there, I made a post here not long ago asking about the Honda CBR125's, I ended up going to a town a couple hours away to test one out, and you guys were right, taking that thing on the highway isn't a fun experience. Long story short I found a 1987 Honda Hurricane 600cc It's in pretty...