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  1. What kind of fuel do I fill up my Honda cbr with?

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    I just bought a 2015 Honda CBR 500R. I haven’t filled it up yet since the previous owner had it full when they sold it to me. Do I fill it up with regular gas? Like 87? Or premium, 91-93? thanks
  2. Selling a loose collection of 1968 Honda CL350 Parts

    Vintage Forum
    I bought a 1968 Honda CL350 three summers ago and planned to restore it by the end of the summer but was only able to dismantle it fully before I had to move and no longer had space or funds to restore it. Currently, I have some free time on my hands but not enough to put it all back together...
  3. Honda Gorilla 125 and DAX 125 based on Honda Monkey are on the way?

    Motorcycle News Articles
    Honda might revive the Honda Gorilla and the DAX? Is it possible? Source: Honda Gorilla 125 and DAX 125 based on Honda Monkey are on the way?
  4. Custom Emblems

    How To
    Hi all, I ride a Honda CMX500, and I want to customize it a little by wrapping it and then adding custom emblems. My idea is to add the Honda wings logo to both sides of the fuel tank in chrome (instead of the stickers) and then "Rebel" in a different font on the rear fender. I've figured...
  5. 96 HONDA SHADOW 1100 ACE Exhaust Mod

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Posting for a friend (don’t kill the messenger) - Just got a 96 HONDA SHADOW 1100 ACE looks like someone put a Harley exhaust mod on it. Trying to put it back together but not sure what gaskets to use. Any advice? Thanks
  6. [Rumour] Is Honda Working on an Inline-Four Honda CBR400RR?

    Motorcycle News Articles
    Honda CBR400RR makes a return?? what do you guys think? Source: [Rumour] Is Honda Working on an Inline-Four Honda CBR400RR?
  7. New member here, very excited!

    New Member Introduction
    Hello! I just bought my first motorcycle, a 1975 Honda CB125S! I have been working on it the past few weeks and with some help from some pals, have taken it from not running in the least, to absolutely running! After freeing the front disc brake, I am now on the hunt for a brake cable which has...
  8. Hello! CB125 owner. Looking for a front brake cable that won't take 2 months to ship!

    I own a 1975 Honda CB125S and I have been rebuilding a lot of stuff on it with the help of some friends. I need to find a front brake cable. There are ones listed on eBay that look perfect, however since they are all located in Thailand it will take a long time to ship (October possibly!) I was...
  9. Here Is a Preview of the Upcoming Honda CBR600RR! Thoughts?

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Here is the upcoming Honda CBR600RR guys! What do you think? Source: Here Is a Preview of the Upcoming Honda CBR600RR!
  10. 1982 Honda CM250 Custom Transmission issue ?

    Motorcycle Repair
    I have owned my Honda for over a decade and while it runs great and never lets me down,it has always had an annoying issue.There is a slight "hesitation" that I think is related to the transmission.The hesitation has always been there since I purchased the bike and is not related to load on the...
  11. Fuse shorting out

    Hey there fellow riders, I currently am having a problem with a fuse that keeps blowing out. First off the fuse "usually" blows out when I use the turn signal and hit the foot brake at the same time but as far as I've noticed not when I use them separately and sometimes not, I can't say for...
  12. Meet “Papa Jahat” – FNG Works’ 600cc Honda C70!

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    damn a Honda C70 with a 600cc single-cylinder engine? wtf Source:
  13. Old but relatively unused CBR1000RR

    Old but relatively unused CBR1000RR

    When I bought it, it has only 1,350 miles on it.
  14. The amazing art of canyon carving on 125ccs

    General Motorcycle Discussion
  15. How I restored my 1995 Honda Magna VT250 motorcycle Engine heads

    Building, Restoration & Modification
    This is how I restored the shine to my 1995 Honda Magna VT250 motorcycle Engine. The first thing that you need to do is wash the cylinder heads with kerosene and car wash liquid to remove all the caked on grime. Next, start the sanding process using a 220 grit wet- sandpaper, and then step up...
  16. Honda Super Cub with a 250cc inline-four engine?! WHAT?!

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    So apparently it's a thing in Japan to swap Honda Super Cub's engine....they swap with inline-4 250cc CBR250rr engine and even Kawasaki ZXR250 engine?! source: Video: Honda Super Cub With 250cc Inline-Four Engine From Japan
  17. help i have bolt i cant get out (honda ss50)

    hi, im disassembling the rear of my 1973 honda ss50 because there is a crack in my rear frok. Im followed the shop manual, disassembled all the things that should be gone but the final bolt (the pivot bolt that connects the rear fork to the chassis) wont come out it wil rotate in the chassis...
  18. 77 Goldwing leak, Marvel Mystery Oil?

    Motorcycle Repair
    I discovered a leak on both sides of my engine. As you can see in the photos, it's coming from underneath the valve covers on both sides. The only thing I have done differently since before the leak was add Marvel Mystery Oil to my gas tank which was a few days ago. I filled up a full tank of...