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  1. The amazing art of canyon carving on 125ccs

    General Motorcycle Discussion
  2. How I restored my 1995 Honda Magna VT250 motorcycle Engine heads

    Building, Restoration & Modification
    This is how I restored the shine to my 1995 Honda Magna VT250 motorcycle Engine. The first thing that you need to do is wash the cylinder heads with kerosene and car wash liquid to remove all the caked on grime. Next, start the sanding process using a 220 grit wet- sandpaper, and then step up...
  3. Honda Super Cub with a 250cc inline-four engine?! WHAT?!

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    So apparently it's a thing in Japan to swap Honda Super Cub's engine....they swap with inline-4 250cc CBR250rr engine and even Kawasaki ZXR250 engine?! source: Video: Honda Super Cub With 250cc Inline-Four Engine From Japan
  4. help i have bolt i cant get out (honda ss50)

    hi, im disassembling the rear of my 1973 honda ss50 because there is a crack in my rear frok. Im followed the shop manual, disassembled all the things that should be gone but the final bolt (the pivot bolt that connects the rear fork to the chassis) wont come out it wil rotate in the chassis...
  5. 77 Goldwing leak, Marvel Mystery Oil?

    Motorcycle Repair
    I discovered a leak on both sides of my engine. As you can see in the photos, it's coming from underneath the valve covers on both sides. The only thing I have done differently since before the leak was add Marvel Mystery Oil to my gas tank which was a few days ago. I filled up a full tank of...
  6. Honda Super Cub Roadrunner? This is what happen when Honda Cub meets a vintage seaplane!

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Damn so apparently this is based on a Honda Super Cub 90 (C90) ....wuttt??!!! iM Cubaholic Ep.7: Honda Super Cub Roadrunner
  7. Honda CT125 Hunter Cub Launched in Thailand! In Other Markets Soon?

    Motorcycle News
    Honda CT125 launched in Thailand....coming to other markets soon?? Source: Honda CT125 Hunter Cub Launched in Thailand! In Other Markets Soon?
  8. The Custom Honda Super Cub Vintage Racer by Deus

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Am I the only one who thinks modifying Cubs have no limit? This is mindblowing! iM Cubaholic Ep.5: The Custom Honda Super Cub Vintage Racer by Deus
  9. Help out a newbie...

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Hi to all. So, i guess this must be an early mid-life crisis thing for me since lately I have been daydreaming about owning a nice ADV type bike and tour around Europe and who knows..even further away in the future. The title says "newbie" because I have zero actual experience on a motorbike...
  10. Honda CT125 Hunter Cub Production and Delivery Delay!

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    anyone booked?? damn how about other markets other than Japan? we are not going to see it by this year then. Source: Honda CT125 Hunter Cub Production and Delivery Delay!
  11. Build Your Own Electric Honda Cub at Home!

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    damn USD 1,799 for the kit! good buy or goodbye? iM Cubaholic Ep.4: Build Your Own Electric Honda Cub at Home!
  12. A New Honda V-Twin Engine in the Works!

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    So a modern roadster maybe? or a smaller Africa twin with V-Twin?? Honda trying to go back in time? what do you think?? Source: A New Honda V-Twin Engine in the Works!
  13. Honda Monkey 125 for 30,000 USD? wut

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    So apparently the Honda Monkey 125 Based VIBA Jane costs 30,000 USD....I'm a Monkey fan myself..but the price tag makes me wanna cry! VIBA Jane: The 3D Printed Honda Monkey 125 That Costs 30,000 USD!
  14. This is Honda first "Cub"...It also fits in a box!

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Damn so apparently this is Honda's first cub! I'm mindblown from knowing how they came up with the name haha...good read though.. iM Cubaholic Ep.3: Honda Cub F – Going Back to the Roots
  15. Need advise on new 2016 Honda CTX700N

    Hello Forum members, Hope you, your family & friends are safe and healthy in these tough times. I live in Washington state and I am planning to buy Honda CTX 700 as a starter. I like the faring model more, but I am getting new 2016 CTX700 Naked Manual Transmission (non-DCT) for $4700(Out of...
  16. 81 Honda cm400

    Motorcycle Repair
    I’ve got a cm400t that I’ve put on a mini buggy frame, the issue I’m running into is Ive get everything hooked up and I’ll get spark one minute then no spark the next, Ive replaced coils, plugs, and cdi. Also cleaned stator and it’s showing good reading on ohm meter, any help would be appreciated
  17. Honda C110 Sports Cub.......Elvis Presley's favourite Honda Cub?

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    So this is something interesting...I'm sure most of you guys know the Honda C110 Sports Cub...I think it's the only roadster style Cub? Damn Elvis Presley actually worked with Honda Japan for the C110?! Impressive, the king had no limitation on the type or size of the bike! Source: iM...
  18. Honda CM400E

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hello, I'm new to this forum and too motorcycles I'm a young guy and my Dad has 2 CM400E's, one is a 1981 and the other is a 1980. With this quarantine stuff I have found time to fix one of em, since they are both broken but in tact I am hoping to get at least one working bike out of the two...
  19. Need help restoring Honda ZB50 1988

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Hi Guys, I'm new in this forum and really hoping to find some help here. Just a little info about myself ; While I was living in Hawaii, I worked on a bunch of scooters (just as a hobby), so I have basic knowledge of that. Besides that, I own a Honda Shadow 750 and a two Sportster 1200, but...