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  1. Starting problem

    Vintage Forum
    I just recently bought a 1979 Honda twin star cm185. I changed the spark plugs the ignition coil the magnetic switch and the battery but I still can seem to get a spark to my plugs. Any ideas
  2. FOR SALE: 1996 Honda Magna VF750C with extras - $2000 (firm)

    For Sale: Motorcycles
    Bike is garage kept in Fort Irwin, CA Excellent running condition, reliable, lightweight commuter/weekend get-a-way performance cruiser. Comparable to Indian Scout. Some cosmetic damage, see video and pictures for details. Clean title, and registration is current until September 2020. I’ve made...
  3. 07 honda cbr1000rr stuck neutral

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hello Im new on this forum but i really need some help. i bought an honda cbr1000rr from 07 it has 32k km on it. The dude before me crashed it hard. I'm almost done fixing the bike. I only have 2 problems left. 1. The bike wont go in gear. When i first got it it could go into every gear...
  4. First Bike? Honda Navi Opinions?

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hi! I've been thinking about getting a motorcycle so that I can drive to school everyday! This is a 20 minutes+ car ride, usually, however, the one that used to drive to school, cannot do it anymore. So I was thinking about driving myself there from now. Due to the fact that I'm currently paying...
  5. another newbie....

    New Member Introductions
    Hiya all - just another newbie starting out. A new direction of a journey for my self and pleased to join. Acquired a Honda CB450T which I think they marketed as the Hawk over in USA. I'm having some confusion over frame and VIN numbers. Hopefully, this tatty machine will be 'transformed' over...
  6. Working on 1980 CB650 project, need some help

    New Member Introductions
    Hi Everyone, 26 year old from New Hampshire, new rider as of July, haven't been able to get my bike on the road yet, the anticipation is killing me! Got a 1980 CB650 last fall for next to nothing and I'm getting closer and closer to getting it running. Need to figure out some electronics...
  7. 2013 Honda Sabre 1300 Fairings

    Use This For Your Posts After Introducing Yourself
    Hey y’all, Wondering if anyone knows if the Burly Brand Outlaw fairing will fit a 2013 Sabre 1300. I have a stock headlamp and headlamp housing. The headlamp itself is 5 3/4”, which Burly Brand fitment states the fairing will fit, however I’m aware that the outlaw fairing is intended for Dynas...
  8. 2015 cbr 300r -- help!

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Hello all, I recently was lucky enough to recover my stolen cbr 300r. I got lucky and not much was damaged but I'm missing some parts, fairings especially. I plan on building the bike back up and selling it to later buy a 600. My only problem is identifying the particular parts is a pain, at...
  9. 1984 Honda Shadow Vt700 Starter switch when pressed kills all power

    Motorcycle Repair
    I have owned this bike for a few months now and about 2 months ago it died while out riding one day. I got it back to the house and every time I would go to start it it would kill all power. I have since then replaced the starter solenoid and the battery and even with both of those, it would...
  10. What is this horrible noise??

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hello all, I have completed my rebuild of my Nighthawk 700s, at least I thought. Whenever it fires up and runs it makes this horrible noise, almost like the timing chain is scraping against something or is loose and is flying out and hitting something. However I took the chain tensioner out...
  11. 1970 Honda c70

    Building, Restoration & Modification
    I'm an expat living in Bali, Indonesia. Here the c70 is the classic, the original, the legend of scooters. I grew fond of the style (strange at first but it grows on you) and looked into buying one. After a discussion over some home distilled alcohol (think moonshine, called arak) with a local...
  12. 1984 Honda Shadow VT700 DIED WHILE RIDING

    Motorcycle Repair
    I was out riding the other day perfect weather about 75 degrees out. My bike started to act like it was low on gas (which it was) so i kept riding trying to make it to the gas station about 2 miles out. Then my bike had a problem i noticed where the rpms and gear didnt match the speed i should...
  13. 1984 Honda Shadow VT700 DIED WHILE RIDING

    Vintage Forum
    I was out riding the other day perfect weather about 75 degrees out. My bike started to act like it was low on gas (which it was) so i kept riding trying to make it to the gas station about 2 miles out. Then my bike had a problem i noticed where the rpms and gear didnt match the speed i should...
  14. 1980 honda cb900c

    New Member Introductions
    hi there everyone, got my first bike, went a little big but dont plan on trading it. its a project bike, something for me to tinker with. the only problem im having trouble with is getting it started. it cranks and gets fuel, but no spark.
  15. how to remove cylinder jug bolts on a 1985 Honda Nighthawk 700s

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hello, Im trying to change the rings and top end gaskets of my 1985 Honda Nighthawk 700, and Ive successfully removed the cylinder head, carbs, pipes ect but I cant, for the life of me, seem to remove the cylinder jug portion. I know there are four bolts/nuts connecting it to the crank case...
  16. 1980 Honda CB125s

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hello all, My father and I recently purchased a 1980 Honda CB125s. We have been working on it, and we are having trouble with the carburetor. When we got the bike, there was a MIkuni VM22 26mm carburetor on it. We took it off, cleaned it, and got the bike running. But we think the float in the...
  17. Bike won't start with choke closed?

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hello to everyone I'm a new rider and a new member here! It doesn't seem like a huge problem, but it's weird and it's bugging me so I wanted to hear from the experts. I have a 1973 Honda CB450. It starts and drives fine. The only problem is that it doesn't start with the choke closed. It only...
  18. Wanted- 1965 Honda C50 C100, C102 Keihin Carb or Parts

    Wanted to Buy: Motorcycles & Parts
    Starting my restoration of a 1965 Honda C102. I'm in need of the float bowl cover, petcock housing. It's the only thing that didn't clean up to be usable. A complete carb would work too. Pictures posted of the original parts. I've got an aftermarket carb on the way just to make sure I could get...
  19. Honda VT1100 General Maintenance and Repair Video Series

    Stopped by my neighbor Jason to remove the Gas tank and carb from this 2002 Honda Shadow Sabre VT1100 so that both the tank and carb could be serviced. Honda is not my forte, but I've worked on a few so I should be ok. Naturally we drain the tank, and its easy to tell that there is gas rot in...
  20. Stuck Points

    Motorcycle Repair
    I have been restoring a 1974 Honda 125XL and have been unable to get the ignition system to work. The culprit being this Points that appears to be fused shut. Any suggestions for getting it open?