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  1. Motorcycle Repair
    Hey everyone. Hope you're having a wonderful day. I own a Honda CB125R 2018 (125cc, single cylinder, 4-stroke) and am approaching two years of riding. That means it's about time to change the coolant. Even if it isn't, I still need to drain it, for reasons I'll come back to in a minute...
  2. General Motorcycle Discussion
    I have a 1982 Honda Sabre VF750. I finished bring the bike back to life recently. I went to take it out today and killed the battery trying to start it. The bike starts just fine but I have to put a heater next to it for 30 minutes prior to trying to start. It will then start right away with no...
  3. Honda
    Im looking in to buying a rebel 1100 and was wondering if anyone who owns one could possibly tell me what they paid. I would really appreciate it thank you!
  4. Motorcycle Repair
    I Want to help my friend work on his 1984 v45 Honda Magna 750cc. I found a manual for a 1982-83 Honda magna v45 750 but I could not find one for my buddies bike. Does anyone know if the older manual will work? They don't seem to make it for his year it jumps to the next size motor up or down...
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    my first bike the Honda shadow 750
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    me on my baby after I just got her
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  8. Honda
    Recently my 1972 Honda CB 450 has started leaking gas a good bit out of this left side nipple, it seems to be leaking a drop a second. I have the switch set to stop from the three options of stop, on and res so that shouldn’t be the problem, anyone know what the problem is?
  9. Honda
    Hello everyone , I'm new to the site and bikes. I have just recently gotten my first bike. The precious owner had put on a forward control extension kit. I need to drop back the control's (brake , shifter ) and I'm not sure how to do so. I'm wondering if anyone here has any tips?
  10. General Motorcycle Discussion
    Hi I have looked through my owner's manual to try and find torque settings for the two bolts on the brake caliper, but couldn't find it. If anyone has got a larger manual or knows the common torque settings for the CB series, then it would be much appreciated.
  11. New Member Introductions
    Hi yall Matthew here. Im a novis to experienced rider. I live in cali. Im an aquarious and i enjoy long romantic walks to the can and a fancy meal of taco bell This is my 5th bike. I have a 1985 honda magna v30 500cc. I bought it stock and running. Im an ok mechanic. But, for some reason, i suck...
  12. Vintage Forum
    Can anyone post some pictures of the wire connections in the headlight housing. I have the wiring diagrams and have tried reconnecting the wires correctly but can't seem to get the right combinations. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Motorcycle News Articles
    Man, this thing is SWEET! Source: All-new 2021 Honda GROM MSX officially announced!
  14. Honda
    hi i have a nsr 125 r1 2001. i have hade it a year now it had a service 3 months ago its done 7500 miles. i haven't had any issue with it until the other week when i was warming it up with choke on just letting it idle to get up to temp when it just cut out after a minute or so of idleing this...
  15. Motorcycle News Articles
    Honda CB350 is back! Source: Honda H’ness CB350 (Honda Highness) Official Specs, Price and Details
  16. General Motorcycle Discussion
    I just bought a 2015 Honda CBR 500R. I haven’t filled it up yet since the previous owner had it full when they sold it to me. Do I fill it up with regular gas? Like 87? Or premium, 91-93? thanks
  17. Vintage Forum
    I bought a 1968 Honda CL350 three summers ago and planned to restore it by the end of the summer but was only able to dismantle it fully before I had to move and no longer had space or funds to restore it. Currently, I have some free time on my hands but not enough to put it all back together...
  18. Motorcycle News Articles
    Honda might revive the Honda Gorilla and the DAX? Is it possible? Source: Honda Gorilla 125 and DAX 125 based on Honda Monkey are on the way?
  19. How To
    Hi all, I ride a Honda CMX500, and I want to customize it a little by wrapping it and then adding custom emblems. My idea is to add the Honda wings logo to both sides of the fuel tank in chrome (instead of the stickers) and then "Rebel" in a different font on the rear fender. I've figured...
  20. General Motorcycle Discussion
    Posting for a friend (don’t kill the messenger) - Just got a 96 HONDA SHADOW 1100 ACE looks like someone put a Harley exhaust mod on it. Trying to put it back together but not sure what gaskets to use. Any advice? Thanks