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honda xl250

  1. 1976 XL250 needs engine-compatability questions

    Hi all, Just picked up my first project bike, a 76 XL250 roller for $50. Need an engine and trans. Looking to do a straight forward engine swap, so want to get a replacement engine rather than something from a different model and modify to fit as this is my first go at this. Found a 79 XL250s...
  2. 1975 honda XL250 electrical problem

    Motorcycle Repair
    I just got my first motorcycle recently, a vintage honda XL250, seemingly in great shape. The first thing I did was replace the battery because it was old and only $20 to replace, but it's been having very strange electrical problems ever since. With the new battery in it, everything will work...
  3. '74 Honda XL250 electrical issues

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hey all, the cap for my run switch is gone. It has the contacts necessary to make the bike run, and I can't find a GOOD replacement for it. I tried picking up the entire right hand switch assembly at a junkyard, but the wiring is all different, and the run switch cap on the "new" assembly broke...