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  1. Honda
    I've recently had a few issues with my Honda Express and I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea of what it could be, the right indicators were working fine but stopped working recently out of nowhere, I changed the front right indicator and it started working, but once again it's...
  2. Honda
    Hi there I have a 1992 honda express I recently got and I was wondering how I fix a few issues on it, the first issue is the fuel gauge doesn't work, I've checked the fuel level float and it seems to be okay and all connections seem to be okay but it still doesn't work, second issue is that the...
  3. Honda
    Hello all, I have my honda city express ready to run i just cant seem to get petrol through the engine, ive traced the problem down to the fuel petcock which is one of the vacuum petcocks, it has a pipe coming off the right side and from the bottom, theres fuel in the tank but it wont seem to...
  4. Honda
    Can anyone help me with how to remove the lower handlebar cover fairing as i cant seem to get it off, and the front mudguard, thanks.
  5. Honda
    Hello, Im new to this forum and i know its for motorcycles but i hope this is okay to post. I have a couple of questions about my honda city express 1992 sh50. I need a new carburettor and ive looked online but cant seem to find one that i think will fit my scooter, would anyone by any chance...
1-5 of 5 Results