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  1. 🆕 New Member Introductions 🆕
    Mac here, 62 280. I have a few thousands miles on bikes in the past 40 years. along with a few bikes. My wife of 40 years will not go on this ride! as of yet! I am not an outstaying Meachinic ! Maybe poor! I am new to the ct125 but very excited by what I think I can do. I want to get on...
  2. Motorcycle News in the News
    Honda CT125 launched in Thailand....coming to other markets soon?? Source: Honda CT125 Hunter Cub Launched in Thailand! In Other Markets Soon?
  3. 🏍 General Motorcycle Discussion 🏍
    So apparently the Honda CT125 hunter cub is coming out this week. Pretty excited actually, might be getting one if they bring it down here.....what do you guys think? For some weird reason, I really love the design...I can't explain about you guys? is it just me? hahaha Source : 2020...
  4. Motorcycle News in the News
    I was just going through an English article covering everything about the Honda CT125. Apparently, it is coming out this week! I'm so triggered! I'm just hoping they bring this to markets outside Japan! All here> 2020 Honda CT125 Hunter Cub announcement date, price and specs!
1-4 of 4 Results