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honda cb400t hawk

  1. Hi Everyone!

    New Member Introductions
    Hi Everyone! My name is Bill Livingstone, I am 27 and living in Toronto, Ontario. I have never ridden any kind of bike until this past weekend when I took a motorcycle training course and loved it! (And also passed of course). I bought my first bike a month or so ago and it is a 1978 Honda...
  2. Runs well, then weak spark

    Motorcycle Repair
    I've been working on a 1978 Honda CB400TII and I had it running for a little while before it died and has been starting sometimes and not other times ever since then. I did a bunch of tests on it today (it decided to run for a couple minutes) and they all seemed to meet the specifications. When...
  3. gas tank question dealing with honda cb400t hawk

    i have a 1981 honda cb400t hawk. but its got some bad rust holes in the gas tank. so much so its eaten all the way though. so im looking for a new one. i found one on line that looks like mine same model but its one year younger then my bike its a 1980? my question is would the tank off the 1980...