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  1. 1974 Honda cb 125s Stalls while riding

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hello all this year i bought my first motorcycle @ 7500 og miles on it. i bought it from a nice guy who happened to be an ex mechanic. it was in great, running condition a few months ago. i put about 500 miles on it this year so far, but for the past few weeks ive been running into issues. when...
  2. Ignition switch crisis!

    I bought a Craigslist junker, a 78 honda cb550k The bike didn't come with an ignition switch, just a new one still in the box with zero installation instruction. I've searched everywhere for instructions, I've ben to two honda dealerships and they where no help at all! The switch has five...
  3. trouble shifting gears

    First Bike / New Rider
    This is the most basic of basic questions that I need help with! I have a Honda CL160, and I can't figure out how to shift. I'm having trouble figuring out where neutral is, (click all the way down?), and why (if I'm even right about this) 1st is a click up, and 2nd is a click down through...
  4. FOUND Cult Bike Honda CB1-400F

    Buying First Motorcycle Soon
    I want to share that I found a rare cult bike on San Francisco Craig's List. It's a 1989 Honda CB 1 400F. Good price too. Honda doesn't make distribute these engines sizes to the US anymore... great first bike. I want to share the discovery if anyone is looking for an awesome bike. I own...
  5. Found a Honda CB-1 400F! Great first bike

    First Bike / New Rider
    My first bike was a Honda CB 350 '71. That was fun to ride, but it was definitely a daily headache to maintain. So I go a more 'modern' bike- an '89 Honda CB-1 400F. This bike was perfect for a novice like me- especially if you find one that is in awesome condition. They are hard to find...