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honda cb 350

  1. Tail light on 1973 Honda cb350 four

    First Bike / New Rider
    I bought a 1973 Honda cb350 four recently from a friend everything on works and runs great but I noticed when I was out the other night that my tail light wasn't on. So I thought maybe the bulb was just out. Today I went to check it out and went I removed the cover there was only one bulb which...
  2. 10 Minutes of Bliss - 1972 Honda CB 350 - Carbs?

    Motorcycle Repair
    I read LWRider's thread (So Close and Yet So Far - CB 350) and saw lots of great troubleshooting advice. I am hoping there is some good advice for me. I am bringing back to life a 1972 Honda CB 350, which was my father's bike (I had an identical one back when I was 18). This bike has not run...