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  1. stored bike for 10 months, now won't run! help

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    I was bad and improperly stored my Honda Cb1 for 10 months and now it won't rev/start. It turns on after being on a battery charger, but when i turn the throttle, it won't start... HELP Do I just need to clean the carbs? It was working completely find before I left it storage.
  2. Great Bike CB-1 400F

    Wind Seekers
    I am a lady, and have to say my absolute favorite go-to bike is my Honda CB1- 400F. I have been riding it for years. I wanted to share that I found this rare cult bike on San Francisco Craig's List if anyone is interested.
  3. FOUND Cult Bike Honda CB1-400F

    Sport Bike As First Bike
    I want to share that I found a rare cult bike on San Francisco Craig's List. It's a 1989 Honda CB 1 400F. Good price too. Honda doesn't make distribute these engines sizes to the US anymore... great first bike. I want to share the discovery if anyone is looking for an awesome bike. I own...