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  1. Honda CB650 Cafe Racer

    New Member Introduction
    Hello Everyone, my name's Kai! New here, first motorcycle forum i've registered to. I've got a 1982 Honda CB650 project i've been working on for a while now. Unfortunately I am looking into selling in order to pay for a car. It's been a huge amount of fun for me to build, deffinitely a passion...
  2. No power at all

    Motorcycle Repair
    I had just bought a 1983 Honda CB650 SC a few weeks ago as a project and the bike doesn't have any power at all with lights or anything. When I had bought it the owner had started her up with out a problem and how it just doesn't do anything. I checked all the fuses and got a new starter...
  3. 1983 Honda Nighthawk 650 Frame: Please HELP!

    I recently purchased a salvage 1983 Nighthawk for $100, the motor runs great, the carbs need to be cleaned out but are working alright and the lights all around the bike need to be replaced but what is really getting me down is the frame. It is bent like a goose's limp neck (See photos). As you...
  4. Transmission or clutch problems. Please Help!!

    Motorcycle Repair
    So a day after getting my 1981 Honda CB650 i have noticed a noise from the transmission. Not a bottom end knock to the best of my knowledge. Sounds like a clunking noise from the transmission. Details about the noise: 1. Heard largly on the left side. 2. With engine turned off, and in gear with...