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  1. Oil blowing out the cam cover breather on Honda

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    I'm wondering what might be the root cause of oil blowing out of my cam cover breather on my 1978 Honda CB400 Hawk II. The bike runs fine and I just have to put oil in it from time-to-time. I assumed that there was some sort of vacuum created with the old air box. But I've removed the oil air...
  2. Trans / clutch problems 81 Honda cm400

    Motorcycle Repair
    Greetings from Philadelphia! New guy needs some help, (shocking!). Took my '81 cm 400 custom apart over the winter, got all the rust and pitting off, cleaned the carbs and replaced some gaskets, bike looks great, problem is it won't shift. I have the lifter piece and circlip in the right places...
  3. 1980 honda cm400a no spark

    i dont know what to do ive tested everything my rectifier failed one of 3 tests my stator failed 1 of 4 tests and im not sure if my cdi is bad but my coil tested good do u know anything to try i did put another stator and another rectifier but all four of these registered 0 ohms on my meter this...
  4. No motorcycle knowledge, please help!!!- High RPM's

    I bought a 1978 Honda Hawk T2 about two years ago. It was in perfect condition. It's 400cc, great starter bike for me considering I've never ridden a motorcycle before. Unfortunately it went downhill because I have no mechanical skills whatsoever and didn't have the money to just keep taking it...
  5. FOUND Cult Bike Honda CB1-400F

    Sport Bike As First Bike
    I want to share that I found a rare cult bike on San Francisco Craig's List. It's a 1989 Honda CB 1 400F. Good price too. Honda doesn't make distribute these engines sizes to the US anymore... great first bike. I want to share the discovery if anyone is looking for an awesome bike. I own...