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help needed

  1. Help me decide

    New Member Introduction
    SO im planning to buy the new Honda CBR500R and cant decide rather i want the blac or red one so i came here.. SO whick one do you guys think looks cooler and faster?:smile_big::devil:
  2. Suzuki SV650. Can’t figure out what’s wrong!!!

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi all. First time posting and I’m hoping someone, anyone, has had the same problem I’m having or have some idea about what’s going on I bought a 2000 sv 650 as a daily rider. Nothing fancy, just something to get around that has a little zip. Bike rode great for a few months but then started...
  3. Reassemling BMW R80 Clutch issue

    Motorcycle Repair
    Firstly, thanks for reading. I am putting back together a 1992 BMW R80 (monolever) and am in the process of putting the clutch arm assembly back on. I purchased a new boot and in putting it back on it doesn't seem to be fitting back together correctly. I have no understanding of how the clutch...
  4. Bike turns off mid ride and won't turn on

    Motorcycle Repair
    Hi, I'm a new motorcycle rider. Two days ago I purchased a used 2005 Suzuki Boulevard S40 with only 8,700 miles on it. While riding it today I hit a bump, I kept on going until a traffic light and hit the clutch to cruise to a halt. As soon as I hit the clutch the engine stopped. I tried...
  5. hello.. pls give me an advice

    First Bike / New Rider
    hello my name is Theo I am 22 y.o. , I have never ride on a motorcycle again but it is my biggest dream ... I am 6.4 tall ( 1.95) and I want to learn how to ride .. My best friend who is a biker for 13 years now found me a Honda CBR600RR 2004 in a really good amount of money. But here comes the...
  6. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ADVISE ME about something I just stumbled across

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hi community To get straight to the point, I just bought my first motorbike this afternoon and rode it home and parked it up. I came outside to admire her (about 19.5 minutes ago) and was having a nice close look at it's assembly when I noticed a white pipe / inlet / stem into container that...
  7. 1999 Yamaha 535 Virago dies on idle

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hello, I purchases my first bike (1999 Yamaha 535 Virago) around 2 months ago. When I first looked at the bike and the previous owner started it up, it ran with no problems and didn't stall/die on idle. Since purchasing the bike I've been extremely busy with class and work so i haven't had much...
  8. 1985 Honda Nighthawk 650

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hello i just bought this honda nighthawk 650 for a project to rebuild and ride. when i got the bike the guy told me the bike was stuck in gear and the back tire would not move so me and my buddy had to lift and drag the bike onto the truck. but long story short i was cleaning up this bike and...
  9. Spark plugs/carburetor

    Motorcycle Repair
    So I have a 1985 Honda shadow 500cc that I've purchased as my first bike. She's only got about 16000 miles, and was running great when I first bought her. Recently, I took a break from riding, because it was too hot outside, and I also forgot to put the cover on. It, of course, rained like...
  10. Suzuki GN400-Rebuilt Carb, Now have problems

    Motorcycle Repair
    I just rebuilt the Carb on my 1981 Suzuki GN400XX and got the bike started but it seems as if my engine is idling at a higher RPM and acceleration is now very sluggish. I'm pretty new to riding and this is my first time rebuilding a carb. Did I so something wrong? Any and all help would be...
  11. 1974 Suzuki TS185 fork swap

    Hey guys, I'm currently trying to fix up a 1974 Suzuki TS185, and unfortunately the previous owner bent the forks and attempted to straighten them back out (unsuccessfully). I'm having trouble finding a pair of forks that are suitable to replace the current bent ones, and was wondering if...
  12. New member trying to restore a 63 Yamaha YG 1T

    First Bike / New Rider
    I am a new member hoping to get some advice on a restoration. My father-in-law passed away leaving me his 1963 Yamaha YG1T. The bike had not been run for over thirty years. He had always told me he wanted to get the bike running again, but unfortunately, he never got to it. When he passed, I...
  13. Capstone Help?

    New Member Introductions
    Hi there. I'm a senior in high school and I have to write a capstone paper and do an accompanying project. Any ideas? I'm really interested in the mechanics of motorcycles and future of the industry but have little knowledge about motorcycling. Thanks!
  14. Completely New to Cycles

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hey guys, I'm Mo, 19 years old, and I'm 6'1'. I'm completely new to the motorcycle world. I love cafe racers, and have been looking into them for about a year now. I have no idea how to choose a bike, or what to look for (other than what I would like it to look like). I've had a lot of...
  15. Suzuki TS185 Identification

    Hi there, I've recently purchased myself a TS185 and am currently trying to order some parts for it, however I can't seem to figure out what year the bike was manufactured. The number on the frame says "TS185- 83003" and the engine number is "TS185-83034". I've searched the internet for hours...
  16. warm up problems

    Motorcycle Repair
    I have a cold blooded 2002 Honda CB 250 Nighthawk. It will start every time with the choke on. I usually turn the choke off after 3 minutes and let it idle for another 7 minutes. It will do fine one flat roads, I can stop and go fine. When I stop on a hill though the revs will slow down and...
  17. 1978 CB400T Cylinder Head Question

    Vintage Forum
    Hey guys, I have a 1978 CB400Tii and I need to replace the head. I have found one from a 1980 CB400T. It uses the same gaskets and all of the top end specs are the same. The only difference that I can find is that the 1980 was on top of a 6 speed transmission, whereas the 1978 sits on a 5...
  18. New Rider

    New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone, I am getting my license next weekend and was looking for any insights on a new bike. I am a 23 year old male in NJ. I would mostly be using the bike for commuting to work (30-45min), short trips around town, and occasional longer trips home (~1 hour). I was hoping to get some...
  19. I need to know what I'm getting myself into!

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Hello all you adrenaline junkies! So I'm the stereotypical teenage day dreamer. It all started with a R1 doing flybys on my street and I was in love. Long story short, I want to get into motorcycles. And not just any type, but specifically superbikes. I'm itching to get my hands around the...
  20. Rebuilding

    First Bike / New Rider
    I'm a new rider, I received a "free" motorcycle that has been sitting for about 10-15 years. It's a 1982 (I believe) Honda Hawk. I'm pretty much rebuilding it from the ground up, and I'm not totally sure where to begin. I started sanding and priming all the metal because I didnt want the rust...