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  1. Helmet fit?

    Hi, New here - just completed my CBT and theory booked for mid-September. Sorry if this is a bit of a newb question but I figured when you start out, there are no dumb questions! After looking around and assessing my head size and shape, I ordered two Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS lids in size XS...
  2. Shark Evo 3 modular motorcycle helmet - Large

    For Sale: Motorcycles Parts & Accessories
    Brand New, worn once and it is too big. The helmet is a large. I have the original box and CD. This helmet cost me $340 and it's brand new but exchanges are not accepted at the location I got it from. I am back and forth between North Bergen NJ and Cranford NJ through out the week so let me know...
  3. Shoei Neotec Modular Helmet Review

    Been thinking about a Modular lid? I've spent the last 9 months commuting every day in this Shoei Neotec. Tune in to see how it held up! -MKL
  4. Is it ok to rest helmet on exhaust after riding?

    Gear Reviews & Opinions
    The way the helmet lock, and exhaust are positioned on my Ninja 500r, it is not possible to lock the helmet to the bike and not have it resting on the exhaust pipe. Of course, after riding, the exhaust is too hot for me to touch -- is that a problem for the helmet too? By the way, my helmet is...
  5. Who's riding with no helmet

    I've been noticing a trend lately where I live about who is going helmetless out here. Almost every single sportbike rider I've seen is wearing at least a helmet. (I think I've seen all but 2 within the past 3 months with no helmet.) Almost every single cruiser rider I've seen is not wearing a...
  6. Darth Vader Looking Masei Helmet

    Darth Vader Looking Masei Helmet
  7. Godzilla Helmet ?!

    Godzilla Helmet by Masei 830 Helmet !
  8. My helmet is too big

    First Bike / New Rider
    Recently I ordered a size L Bell RS-1 full faced helmet online. When I got the helmet, it was way to tight on my temples, it felt like it was crushing my head. I shipped the helmet back for store credit and got another RS-1 but this time in XL. When the helmet arrived today, and I tried it on...
  9. Painting my helmet for the first time. cheap

    First Bike / New Rider
    I have an old crusty hjc helmet that I fixed up.. Here are the steps I followed and the results :) I used 320 & 600 grit sandpaper, Rust-oleum ultra cover matte black, Rust-oleum ultra cover matte clear. Step1: Remove padding.. visor.. and any other attached accessories. Step2: Wash & rinse...
  10. Motorcycle Gear..HELP

    First Bike / New Rider
    So I am taking the BRC this weekend and I believe I am buying a used Ninja 250r from a friend. 1. What are some good brands to look for when purchasing a helmet, gloves, etc.? 2. Is it necessary to buy all the gear including jacket, pants, boots? Or can I get away with a helmet and...
  11. Which Gear Is A MUST?

    Gear Reviews & Opinions
    Alright, so before everyone starts saying "you need every piece of gear" or whatnot, I know that gear is VERY important. But, I will be riding in the fall to college which is 2.5 miles from where I will be living. I will only ride when the weather is nice, so no snow or rain. That is the only...
  12. Identify This Jacket?

    can anyone identify the jacket and gear this guy is using? thanks!
  13. What's your favorite full-face flip-up helmet?

    Hello, I've just bought my first bike and am looking for opinions on a super helmet to protect my noggin. Obviously everyone's head geometry is different, so I'll be trying on in stores, but I wondered if you could share your favorite helmet of the full-face, flip-up style? I'm not looking to...
  14. Open faced helmets with a face guard - thoughts of safety?

    Motorcycle Training, Safety, and Riding Techniques
    I ride right now with a full-face scorpion helmet because I want my face to be protected in case of a spill. I've been looking around and found some cool looking open faced helmets with a face guard built in. How safe would these helmets be? Example...
  15. Polarized Visor

    Why is it so difficult to find a polarized visor? I had a pair of polarized glasses and I'll never buy another pair that isn't polarized. I can't wear them with my visor down because it really distorts my vision and I start to see rainbows. Of course I can wear them with the visor up but I...
  16. Leather wrapped helmets?

    Hi all, I got my first bike today (1980 Honda CM400 T) and now I need to go out an get a helmet. I do like the old fashioned style leather helmets that are brown leather with the ear flaps (the type you might wear with goggles), but of course that won't do for proper protection. I also see hard...
  17. Newbie helmet suggestions?

    Motorcycle Training, Safety, and Riding Techniques
    Hi all, I got my first bike today (1980 Honda CM400 T) and now I need to go out an get a helmet. I do like the old fashioned style leather helmets that are brown leather with the ear flaps, but of course that won't do for proper protection. I also see hard versions of those coming out of Asia...
  18. 2008 Ninja 500R--- are they asking too much?

    Sport Bike As First Bike
    Here's a very nice looking Ninja that I found on craigslist. My only concern is that it may be overprice (even with the 2 added helmets). If I were to give him an offer, what should it be?
  19. I'm in need of a Helmet!

    First Bike / New Rider
    I'm taking my Rider's Edge class next month, and I'm going to be needing a helmet. I would like a full-face, just because they look good with sport bikes :icon_cool:, but I'm not sure what brand to get. What brand would you recommend, preferably not the most expensive but good quality? I'd also...
  20. Scorpion EXO-700

    I bought a Scorpion EXO-700 helmet from my local powersports shop about 5 hours ago. I didnt want to spend the $199 but the scorpion fit the best (so i thought) i had planned on getting an hjc but they where either too big or too small and the interior didnt seem of as good quality as the...