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  1. How to Beat Helmet Tickets

    Riders and the Law
    How to Beat Helmet Tickets I ride without a helmet most of the time, and I've been enjoying my freedom for almost two years. This is despite the fact that I live in a helmet law state (VA), I commute daily to a helmet law state (DC), I have family in helmet law states (MD, MS, and MI), and...
  2. Helmet Law Alert: Oregon - Saturday 9/27/2008

    Northwestern USA
    Want to end the helmet law? Here's your chance. This is the most efficient and effective way to win: by defeating biker-hating legislators in tight races. One day of campaign sign blitzing is all it takes to tip an election our way. We're getting together to help a biker-friendly State...
  3. Road Warrior

    New Member Introductions
    Hi I just joined this forum and I thought I'd introduce myself. My friends call me Sturdi. I ride a modified HD on everything from daily commutes to weekend rides -- and as many cross country trips as I can each year. For now I live near DC, but I've been looking to the far west for the next...