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  1. Battery Problems HELP!

    Motorcycle Repair
    Right hi guys im pretty new to the riding scene so I apologise if I come across as a bit of a simpleton but anyhoo, I just recently bought a Yamaha YBR125 2010 Registration, the guy i bought the bike from had a minor accident which damaged the headlight, he then repaired the bike and put on a...
  2. HID headlight kits for bikes?

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    I have always installed HID kits on my cars, and I was wondering what people think about them in motorcycles. I just got my first bike this year, an sv650. It would look superb with the new lights, and I know a company that makes one special for bikes, but what would be a reason not to do it? A...
  3. 1973 honda sl 125 headlights not working

    hi i have a 1973 honda sl 125, it runs good, only thing is, the headlights, neutral light, backlighting for the guages, and taillight doesn't work, headlight and tail lights i know have good bulbs, (just checked) also the kill switch on the handlebar does not do anything, however the ignition...
  4. Lights and Luminous accessories

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Hi everyone, Besides wanting to overhaul my electrical because my horn and one blinker is not working, I was wondering if there are any recommended headlight bulbs or blinkers that increase visibility. Also, I was going to look into aftermarket sub headlights (like fog-lights), and at what...