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  1. headlight

    New Member Introduction
    I am a new person here and have a question regarding a 2009 Kawasaki er6n. I'm not sure that I should post it here but, the headlights look kinda ugly and I was wondering if anybody knows a replacement or a cooler looking custom one that would fit.
  2. Headlight stopped working

    Motorcycle Repair
    1989 Yamaha Virago XV750 My buddy was wiring on an aftermarket headlight bar, and the wire touched the body and now the headlights and spedometer lights are not working The fuse didn't blow There is no headlight relay Yes, the bulb is fine Half of the fuse ploe (or whatever you call where it...
  3. Blowing the main fuse by using brakes

    Motorcycle Repair
    So I'm doing a Cafe build on my 82' csr305, and when I went to turn it on a few days ago nothing came on. No headlight, no taillight, nothing. It had a brand new battery in it as well. So I did some hunting around and found the main fuse was blown. So I replaced the fuse (with the same exact...
  4. Low Beam=No Beam, High Beam OK.

    First Bike / New Rider
    I just got my first bike (Honda CM200T) and I need some help with the following: The headlight works when switched on high, however if you switch to low there is no light at all. I took off the lamp and everything looked ok to my amateur eyes. Then I took apart the left controls and when I...
  5. Hello, desperately looking for parts for my 1983 Honda CB1000C

    New Member Introductions
    Hey, Ive been looking at every resource for parts I know. Craigslist, eBay, Google, Junkyards, and I cant find what I'm looking for. I need the whole headlight assembly for my 1983 CB1000c Custom. Does anybody have any idea where to look or if there is an another model that will work?
  6. Need Help with 82 Suzuki GS550L... electrical - headlamp will not work

    New to the forum here, I purchased a 1982 Suzuki GS550L last spring in Ann Arbor, MI. Finally have been able to do some riding on it a year later, but have learned a lot of valuable knowledge in the process. I have had the carbs rebuilt, I've "kleen"ed the gas tank, replaced the battery, fuses...
  7. 1973 honda sl 125 charging problem

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    hello, i have a 1973 honda sl 125 that runs great, however when i turn the headlight on, it stops charging and the battery eventually goes dead, without the headlight on it charges fine. i just out a new regulator/rectifier on it. any advice would help considerably. thanks!
  8. Need help on electrics (1972 Honda CT70)

    Motorcycle Repair
    Im working on restoring/ street legalizing a 1972 Honda CT70. this bike was stored in a barn and hadnt started for about 10 years. when i got it i put in a brand new spark plug and it started 2nd kick! i spent over 200 dollars on parts and need some help hooking up some electronics. I bought a...
  9. quick question about headlight fork mounts?

    Motorcycle Repair
    hey yall, im trying to put a round headlight on my 96 bandit. im trying to figure out where to get a mount for a headlight, preferably one that mounts from the forks, (seems easier). i've found some on ebay from earlier suzuki models, and i was wondering if they would fit? i guess the real...
  10. Pointing headlight to the right.

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    The never mentioned this in the MSF course, but I'm finding it helpful. When I come to an intersection where there are cars on the right turning left onto my road they tend to cut short into my lane. If I turn my handlebars right so my headlight points at these cars, they don't cut the turn so...
  11. MANUAL Flickering Headlight Kit

    General Motorcycle Discussion
    Hi all, I just got back from Asia recently and most of the scooters and bikes there have a manual lever, that when triggered, will cause the headlight to flicker. I thought it'll be a nice option to have on my bike. Does anyone in here know if such kit is available in the States and where...
  12. Larger headlight for 2001 Shadow 750

    I'm considering the next change on my bike to be a larger headlight / headlamp, but I'm not sure where to look. Everything I've found is either smaller or a different style than what I'm looking for (like the Arlen Ness brand). Is there anything out there, such as a larger model bike, that...