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  1. General Motorcycle Discussion
    First off I want to thank everyone who commented on my last two post and all the information they gave me for it was much appreciated. I drive 40miles oneway to work, the commute mostly consists of 60 MPH and 65 mph highways and freeways(people usually are doing 80mph on these roads). I'm...
  2. Motorcycle Repair
    I’m not to familiar especially with electrical components .. but something isn’t allowing my bike to get power. When i turn the key absolutely nothing happens.. no lights gages puns clicks etc .. video below is only when I connect the battery ... I’ve changed the battery, fuses, main fuse and...
  3. General Motorcycle Discussion
    Hi. Any riders in Hawaii? Looking to find a good mechanic that's experienced in Dynotuning? Don't want just dealership but more specialized motorcycle shops.
  4. Sportsbike Forum
    <This question applies to my husband's 07 GSXR, but I think it's generic to any sportbike>;) We ordered an M4 slip on (which is a two into one slip on). He really just wants the noise/sound, not too loud, but more audible; the look is nice too but secondary. He doesn't care about getting...
  5. General Motorcycle Discussion
    Hi everybody, I’m new to this or indeed any forum so please excuse me if im posting in the wrong place. I’ve posted a video on youtube of a summer bike tour which three of us did in france which I hope some of you would enjoy seeing. To see the clip go to youtube and search “Superbike Tour of...
1-6 of 6 Results