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  1. 89' Suzuki aerio gs550 Cafe Racer

    Vintage Forum
    So I've been looking for a cafe racer project bike and I believe I found one, but of course, it isn't running at the moment. he said it was running 2 years ago but he never got around to finishing the project. he's asking $600. is that too much? shouldn't be that hard to get it started up again...
  2. 1981 GS550 Running Problems

    Motorcycle Repair
    A couple of months ago I bought a 1981 GS550 from some guy off craigslist for $700. This is my first bike and I am a new rider. Me and my father figured out that it wasn't charging so we put a new regulator in it and that was fixed. We also figured out that the vacuum diaphragm in the fuel valve...
  3. gs550 trike info

    Building, Restoration & Modification
    ]hi.i brought a suzuki gs550 bike about a year ago now as a was complette apart from chain and seat.i then set about cutting it up 2 make a hardtail[as u can see by my pics].had a change of hart and now it is being turned into a trike.i shall buy a robin reliant rear axle and convert...
  4. gs550 trike info

    New Member Introductions
    dos any one know if a reliant axle lines up with the sprocket on engine?diff on axle is being converted 2 chain.also any info on getting it road legal when done[inspections,registrating,cost and stuff.cheers
  5. 1981 gs550t, ongoing problem, beginner needs help

    Picked up this bike a while back after it sat a few years. Took it to Blackmans cycle center in emmaus,pa. Had the carbs rebuilt, and the bike started and ran for a week Bike began to not start back up after driving somewhere. Strong smell of gas. After trying to start for a while all the gas...
  6. Suzuki gs550 exhaust?

    First Bike / New Rider
    So i'm getting my first bike from my girlfriends brother. it's a 1978 suzuki gs550. he told me that the guy he got it from cut off the exhaust pipes and gave it straight pipes. so i need to replace the muffler on it. i found a used set on craigslist, but it is for the 1980-1981 model. does...
  7. Need Help with 82 Suzuki GS550L... electrical - headlamp will not work

    New to the forum here, I purchased a 1982 Suzuki GS550L last spring in Ann Arbor, MI. Finally have been able to do some riding on it a year later, but have learned a lot of valuable knowledge in the process. I have had the carbs rebuilt, I've "kleen"ed the gas tank, replaced the battery, fuses...
  8. I hear good things!

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, My name is Jakums, I'm a relatively new rider from British Columbia, Canada. More specifically, the beautiful coastal Vancouver Island area. I have heard great things about this forum including great help, people, advice, and of course... BIKES!!!!! My first bike was a 82...
  9. '82 GS550L Changing Gears Makes Clunk Sound.

    Hi I am fairly new to the motorcycling world. I just purchased an '82 Suzuki GS550L and I noticed that 1st and 2nd gear seem to make a fairly loud "Clunk" sound which I can also feel in the foot pedals. I don't hear any gears grinding, nor do any of the other gears cause this problem. Only 1st...