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  1. 89' Suzuki aerio gs550 Cafe Racer

    Vintage Forum
    So I've been looking for a cafe racer project bike and I believe I found one, but of course, it isn't running at the moment. he said it was running 2 years ago but he never got around to finishing the project. he's asking $600. is that too much? shouldn't be that hard to get it started up again...
  2. Suzuki GS550T 1981 project

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    Hi guys, I recently bought a Suzuki GS550T from 1981 as a basis for my first build project. Seller had the same plan, bought it, had someone clean the carbs and engine was running fine. Then he stored the bike in his garage and didn't touch it for a couple of months. Realised his friends all...
  3. 1981 GS550 Running Problems

    Motorcycle Repair
    A couple of months ago I bought a 1981 GS550 from some guy off craigslist for $700. This is my first bike and I am a new rider. Me and my father figured out that it wasn't charging so we put a new regulator in it and that was fixed. We also figured out that the vacuum diaphragm in the fuel valve...
  4. gs550 trike info

    Building, Restoration & Modification
    ]hi.i brought a suzuki gs550 bike about a year ago now as a was complette apart from chain and seat.i then set about cutting it up 2 make a hardtail[as u can see by my pics].had a change of hart and now it is being turned into a trike.i shall buy a robin reliant rear axle and convert...
  5. gs550 trike info

    New Member Introductions
    dos any one know if a reliant axle lines up with the sprocket on engine?diff on axle is being converted 2 chain.also any info on getting it road legal when done[inspections,registrating,cost and stuff.cheers
  6. 1981 gs550t, ongoing problem, beginner needs help

    Picked up this bike a while back after it sat a few years. Took it to Blackmans cycle center in emmaus,pa. Had the carbs rebuilt, and the bike started and ran for a week Bike began to not start back up after driving somewhere. Strong smell of gas. After trying to start for a while all the gas...
  7. Suzuki gs550 exhaust?

    First Bike / New Rider
    So i'm getting my first bike from my girlfriends brother. it's a 1978 suzuki gs550. he told me that the guy he got it from cut off the exhaust pipes and gave it straight pipes. so i need to replace the muffler on it. i found a used set on craigslist, but it is for the 1980-1981 model. does...
  8. Need Help with 82 Suzuki GS550L... electrical - headlamp will not work

    New to the forum here, I purchased a 1982 Suzuki GS550L last spring in Ann Arbor, MI. Finally have been able to do some riding on it a year later, but have learned a lot of valuable knowledge in the process. I have had the carbs rebuilt, I've "kleen"ed the gas tank, replaced the battery, fuses...
  9. I hear good things!

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, My name is Jakums, I'm a relatively new rider from British Columbia, Canada. More specifically, the beautiful coastal Vancouver Island area. I have heard great things about this forum including great help, people, advice, and of course... BIKES!!!!! My first bike was a 82...
  10. '82 GS550L Changing Gears Makes Clunk Sound.

    Hi I am fairly new to the motorcycling world. I just purchased an '82 Suzuki GS550L and I noticed that 1st and 2nd gear seem to make a fairly loud "Clunk" sound which I can also feel in the foot pedals. I don't hear any gears grinding, nor do any of the other gears cause this problem. Only 1st...