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  1. Tec question from a new rider

    First Bike / New Rider
    I've had my GS500E for about 6 weeks now. When I drive along at 140 KM/H / 7000 RPM it sets out after about 3 kilometres (1,5 mile) and goes down to about 4000 RPM or 80 KM/H. I can changes gears down and force it up again, or wait a minute to come back in 6th gear, but it'll keep doing it...
  2. 2001 GS500 Stall issue

    After riding the bike for roughly 30-40 min on the highway, I got off the exit and stopped at a few stoplights. After the 3rd stoplight, I accelerated to roughly 50/60 mph. Once I hit 50/60, my bike started lose RPM and then they'd pick up again. Then after a few seconds it would do it again...
  3. New Rider....Newer Member

    New Member Introductions
    Hey all....just wanted to say hello. I'm a relatively new rider..I own a '92 GS500E. It needs some work but its ridable. Needs carbs cleaned and a valve adjustment and a new rear tire. Other than that its not bad for a "first bike". I figured I'd get something "not so pretty" to start out...
  4. Buying a 94 Suzuki GS500E. Good or Bad price?

    First Bike / New Rider
    Hi everyone. I'm Dan. I'm considering buying a 1994 Suzuki GS500E, is $1400 good? Here's the back story: I got my endorsement a few weeks ago, and i'm looking at a 1994 Suzuki GS500E in decent shape with 22k miles. The seller wants $1400 firm for it, but my research (kelly's blue book, nada...
  5. Need help with a 95 gs500e please

    Hello, Well the other day I was going to buy a 95 gs500e (as my first bike) but they guy i was buying it from said he didnt prep the tank during the winter and now it needs to be cleaned and there is some rust under it and a little ding. so my question is how can i clean it up the inside and the...